Independentdistributor DEJ Productions has signed a deal with First Look Media whereby thecompanies will combine their sales teams for home entertainment releases.

"We're extremelyexcited about the opportunity to work more closely with First Look Media," DEJpresident Andrew Reimer said in a statement.

"Our combinedsales and marketing effort will shepherd a terrific line-up of films to themarketplace and benefit our customers, filmmakers and, most importantly, theconsumer."

"DEJ'sstrong relationships on the rental side of the home video/DVD industry coupledwith their proven talent in acquiring highly creative and commercial product isa perfect compliment to our highly successful US video/DVD sales force, as wellas our deep international sales, distribution and financingrelationships," First Look's president and chief operating officer BillLischak added.

"We lookforward to our work together and developing multiple business strategies whichwill grow from this arrangement."

Bill Bromiley, First Look Media's senior vice president ofsales, said: "With a stronger, combined sales force and a commitment fromboth First Look and DEJ to supply bigger, cast-driven films, our new relationshipwill enable us to be the dominant home entertainment distributor in theindependent film world."

DEJ Productionsis a wholly owned subsidiary of Blockbuster Inc and was set up in 1999. Thedivision releases roughly 75 titles each year, including Oscar winner Monsterto which DEJ acquiredrights in all-speaking territories.