SheilaDeLoach has been promoted to senior vice president and general sales manager atFox Searchlight, where she has been vice president of distribution for the pastnine years

She willrelocate from new York to Los Angeles reporting to chief operating officerSteve Gilula, who called her a "pioneer in film distribution' and a mentorfor many careers.

"Withso few women in the world of film sales, it is a privilege to have her on ourteam," Gilula said.

"Weare fortunate that she is joining us in Los Angeles to manage our NorthAmerican sales operations."

DeLoachbegan her career at Columbia Pictures as a booker's clerk and climbed toSouthern division manager. She joined Twentieth Century Fox as senior vicepresident and regional sales manager, and also served as vice president, Eastern sales manager at Orion Pictures.

Hersales credits at Searchlight include Sideways, Thank You For Smoking, GardenState and The Full Monty.