JonathanDemme will direct a documentary about former President Jimmy Carter forParticipant Productions entitled He Comes In Peace.

Productionbegan in Plains, Georgia, on Nov 11 at the Carters' home on the eve of hispublicity tour for his book 'Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid'.

Demmeand his crew will follow Carter on the tour across America.

Demmecollaborator Neda Armian is producing and Participant chief Jeff Skoll andParticipant's executive vice president of documentaries Diane Weyermann willserve as executive producers alongside Ron Bozma.

"ThePresident's book tour occurs at a crossroads where the world of religionintersects with global politics," Demme said. "This picture is justan extraordinary honour for me. I loved Carter when he was President, and I'veloved him more and more since he left office. He makes me feel so proud to bean American".

"JimmyCarter embodies a determined sense of justice and a devout faith, grounded intolerance and driven by a fierce desire for world peace," Weyermann said.

"JonathanDemme is a filmmaker of immense vision, who will be able to marry the intimateportraiture of Heart Of Gold to thepolitical savvy of The Agronomist andadvance his series of 'portrait docs' with a subject so worthy of further examination."