Fox International’s A Good Day To Die Hard has raced to $87m and opens this weekend in France, Brazil and India, among a handful of others.

The Bruce Willis action thriller ruled the international arena last weekend and is expected to hold on to its box office crown over the next three days, when it will cross $100m with ease.

Lincoln has amassed $60.7m and arrives in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Sony Pictures Releasing International’s Django Unchained stands at $212.8m, while Hotel Transylvania has grossed $186.3m and Skyfall has reached $803.9 m, of which $713.1m comes from Sony and the remaining $90.8m from MGM territories.

Flight opens through Paramount Pictures International in Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong among others.

Warner Bros Pictures International’s Gangster Squad has reached $47m and the crime drama enters Italy and Mexico this weekend. The Hobbit stands at $660m and opens in China.

Lionsgate International reported that The Impossible stands at more than $145.3m, Beautiful Creatures has grossed an early $4.5m, The Perks Of Being A Wallflower has reached $14.5m and Warm Bodies stands at $18.2m.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International’s Brave stands at $301.5m, while Wreck-It Ralph has reached $231.1m, Finding Nemo 3D $22.8m, Frankenweenie $46.1m and Monsters Inc 3D $13.5m.