Fox International reported on Sunday evening [17] that Bruce Willis’ fifth outing as the indefatigable ex-cop grossed an estimated $61.5m from 9,595 screens in 63 markets. 

A Good Day To Die Hard opened top in 32 out of 37 new territories led by the UK on $7.6m from 845 screens, Japan on $6.8m from 641, Russia on $6.7m from 1,693, Germany on $6.4m from 703 and Mexico on $3.2m from 1,011.

The running total after two weekends stands at $80.1m. South Korea generated $1.8m from 337 in the second weekend for $8.8m, while Taiwan produced $1.1m from 120 for $4.1m.

Lincoln added $6.6m from 2,843 screens in 46 markets for $59m, whileLife Of Pi grossed $3.6m from 2,817 screens in 27 markets to become Fox’s eighth highest grossing film of all time on $466m.

Fox International Productions’ Murder 3 earned $3.2m from 1,570 screens in India to rank number one and FIP stablemateBreak Up Man added $1.5m from Germany to reach $21.8m after six weekends and $22.8m overall.

  • Django Unchained surged past $200m after bringing in a further $13.7m through Sony Pictures Releasing International from 4.645 screens in 62 markets to reach $208.6m.

Germany produced $3.1m from 752 for $40m after five weekends and France generated $2.4m from 774 for $30.4m after the same period of time. Also after five sessions, the UK has produced $22.3m, Italy $15.3m, Russia $15.3m and Spain $11.8m. Australia stands at $13.3m after four.

Hotel Transylvania has amassed $184.3m.

  • Wreck-It Ralph grossed $11.5m through Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International to reach $225.6m. Leading territories are Australia on $24m, Brazil on $20.5m and the UK on $18.6m.
  • Les Misérables added $10m from 2,900 sites in 48 territories through Universal Pictures International to reach $233.3m. It opened in five Latin American markets including Argentina on $310,000 from 42 in fourth place for the biggest launch for a musical in the market.

Mama added $4.7m from 16 for $20.5m, Ted stands at $316.6m, This Is 40 added $2.5m from 12 for $9.1m and Zero Dark Thirty has reached $19.6m from 12 Universal territories. Anna Karenina stands at $40.9m andPitch Perfect $44.7m.

  • Hansel And Gretel: Witch Hunters crossed $100m through Paramount Pictures International (PPI) after $9.5m boosted the tally to $101.2m. The fantasy action held top in Brazil for the fourth consecutive weekend as $1.8m raised the running total to $19.3m.

Jack Reacher opened top in China with $4.8m from 7,500 cinemas. Overall the action thriller grossed $5.7m from 8,469 cinemas in 34 territories to reach $124.5m. Japan has generated $10m after three weekends.

DreamWorks Animation’s Rise Of The Guardians crossed $200m and stands at $200.3m, while Flight added $7m from 27 PPI markets for $45.4m and opened in France on $1.9m from 371.

Tad, The Lost Explorer, a PPI acquisition title in Latin America and Spain, has reached $9.8m.

  • Warner Bros Pictures International reported that Gangster Squad brought in a further $2.5m from 38 territories for $46.4m while The Hobbit has reached $659.6m. The estimated running total for Argo is $77.1m.
  • Lionsgate International reported that Beautiful Creatures grossed $5.4m from 20 markets, Warm Bodies $4.9m from 34 for $17.7m and The Impossible $3m from 42 for $143m.
  • StudioCanal’s I Give It A Year grossed $1.6m in its second weekend in the UK to reach $5.9m.