KudosPictures and Natural Light Films, in association with Walt Disney Pictures,have started production on the wildlife project Dreamscape (working title).

Thefilm showcases the epic life and death cycle of flamingos in one of the world'slast and most hostile wilderness areas, Lake Natron in Northern Tanzania.

"Wewant to target a younger, hipper audience than wildlife films generally attractand provoke a more visceral reaction," said co-director Matthew Aeberhard,who founded Natural Light Films in 2001 with directing partner Leander Ward.

"Weare very excited about this unique project as it follows our involvement withthe highly successful March of the Penguins and promises to be another fascinating journey into theanimal kingdom," said Jean Francois Camilleri, the general manager ofBuena Vista International (France) who will spearhead Disney's involvement inthe project.

Camilleriwas also responsible for the studio's participation in March Of The Penguins.

"Thisis an entirely new experience for all of us at Kudos and the whole Dreamscapeteam is incredibly proud to be making this film," said Pride AndPrejudice and Atonement producer Paul Webster, Dreamscape's executive producer andco-founder of Kudos Pictures. "We aim to deliver a beautiful and movingstory about this unique and extraordinary part of the world," added Kudos chiefStephen Garrett.