Ratatouille could become the weekend's top earner after Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International (WDSMPI) opened it in Germany and Austria on Oct 4.

The Pixar hit has grossed $230.5m so far and is expected to cross $300m by the end of its run, buoyed by the German-speaking debuts and upcoming launches in the UK next weekend and Italy the weekend after that.

German audiences will also be in line for Sony Pictures Releasing International's (SPRI) comedy Superbad, which opened there on Oct 3 on 500 prints as well as Mexico and Austria on Oct 5 on 270 and 62 respectively. The film stands at $18.4m.

Resident Evil: Extinction has amassed $4.9m from two SPRI markets and touches down in Brazil on Oct 5 on 200. The zombie saga also opens in France and Hong Kong this weekend through other distributors.

The animated release Surf's Up catches a wave in Italy on Oct 5 on 20 and currently stands at $51.7m.

Universal's terrorism thriller The Kingdom opens in four territories through UPI including Australia and New Zealand on Oct 4 and the UK on Oct 5.

David Cronenberg's London-set crime drama Eastern Promises opens in Spain on Oct 5, and launched in Russia through a local distributor on Oct 4.

Fox International opens the fantasy title Daywatch in the UK and Mexico on Oct 5 and Singapore on Oct 4. The film has amassed $36.6m through all distributors.

Latest figures put The Simpsons on $337.7m, Die Hard 4.0 on $237.5m, and Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer on an industry-wide tally of $152.7m.

Paramount/PPI's comedy Blades Of Glory opened in France on Oct 3 and stands at $26.2m, while Stardust, currently on $23.5m, opens in 10 territories including Sweden on Oct 5.

The Heartbreak Kid opens in four territories day-and-date with North America including Russia on Oct 4 and the UK on Oct 5. A Mighty Heart has grossed $4.7m to date and opens in Mexico on Oct 5.

Warner Bros Pictures International (WBPI) has only one sizeable release, which is the comedy License To Wed, currently on $25.4m, in Sweden on Oct 5.

As of Sept 30 The Brave One stood at $8.2m, No Reservations had reached $36.7m, Zodiac stood at $51.5m, Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix has amassed $643.7m, and Ocean's Thirteen had reached $194m.

Michael Clayton opens in Italy on Oct 5 day-and-date with North America, but not through WBPI.