The Toronto-based sales agent has taken on world rights to Sarah Lohman’s thriller starring Christian Slater.

RastaFEARian centres on an out-of-control film producer who spares no one to get his project off the ground. Los Angeles and Toronto-based Darius Films produced.

“Written in the vein of American Psycho, it’s a perfect addition to our slate,” 108 Media CEO Abhi Rastogi said. “It’s edgy and has an international star like Slater, who plays a role in this film that harks back to his classic hits such as True Romance.”

Darius Film head Nicholas Tabbarok approached 108 Media with the project and said: “They immediately understood that it’s a different film, smart and elevated. I wanted to work with a company who gets the kind of film we were making. Our sensibilities and goals for the kind of film we’re going to make were a perfect match”.