The series finale became the first and last Harry Potter film to cross $1bn worldwide on Sunday [Jul 31], equaling Avatar’s 17-day speed record and reaching $690.4m internationally and $318.5m in North America.

The $1.012bn global haul means Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 2 ranks as the ninth film in history to reach the milestone and is now Warner Bros’ biggest global and international release following a confirmed $66.6m weekend haul that generated around 7.4m admissions from 14,500 screens in 60 territories.

2011 is turning out to be an extraordinary year at the global box office given that Transformers: Dark Of The Moon will cross $1bn by next weekend and Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides passed the mark earlier in the summer. Both titles plus Deathly Hallows: Part 2 have crossed $640m internationally in the year-to-date.

Deathly Hallows: Part 2 is now the biggest in the Harry Potter franchise at the global, international and domestic box office. Leading the weekend was Germany where an $8m (€5.5m) number one hold propelled Harry and friends to $61.2m (€43.2m). A further $6.8m (¥541m) in Japan in second place saw the film climb to $66.6m (¥5.3bn) while $5.8m (€4.5m) in France in second raised the tally to $49.8m (€35.8m).

Deathly Hallows: Part 2 held at number one in the UK, which remains the top market outside North America on $88.7m (£55.4m) following a $7.4m (£4.5m) weekend haul.

Australia delivered $4.1m (A$3.8m) in second for $47.4m (A$44.4m), South Korea $3.3m (KRW3.6bn) at number one for $24.3m (KRW25.7bn), Brazil $3m (R4.4m) in second for $32.4m (R50.6m), Mexico $2m (Ps 22.3m) in second for $32.9m (Ps 385.5m), Italy $1.4m (€1.05m) at number one for $29.3m (€20.9m) and Spain $1.3m (€830,000) in third for $18.8m (€13.3m).

“To say that the global response to the film has been extraordinary would be an understatement,” president of distribution at Warner Bros Pictures International Veronika Kwan-Rubinek said.

“We are so proud that this last film in the series has not only reached such heights but has reached them in record time. It is now Warner Bros’ most successful release ever, and there is still plenty more to come.”

WBPI reported that Green Lantern added $4.9m for a $40.1m international running total and opened in third place in Germany on $2.1m from 606 screens and second place in Spain on $1.6m from 495. The film has amassed a $10m final box office in the UK and $4.9m in Russia. Horrible Bosses grossed $4.3m for $13.9m and added $2.3m in its second weekend in the UK for $5.3m. 

  • As mentioned previously, Paramount’s Transformers: Dark Of The Moon has been a juggernaut and added a confirmed $42.2m from 11,847 sites in 61 markets for $645.9m, which combines with the $337.9m North American gross for $983.8m worldwide.

The action sci-fi crossed $100m in its second weekend in China after $22.8m from 6,571 sites raised the tally to an incredible $113.7m, making it the second biggest US release behind Avatar.

Transformers launched at number one in Japan on $9.5m from 318 for the biggest debut in the franchise.

But this wasn’t even Paramount Pictures International’s biggest film of the weekend. In its first wide session outside North America where it has soared past $115m after two weekends, Marvel Studios’ Captain America brought in a confirmed $49.1m from 5,184 venues in 31 territories, for an early $53.9m running total.

Mexico led the way on an $8.5m number one debut from 511, followed by Brazil on a table-topping $6.8m from 358 for Marvel’s third biggest debut behind Spider-Man 2 and 3 and Paramount’s second best launch behind Shrek 4.

Captain America launched in Australia on $5m from 227, the UK on $4.9m from 470, Russia on $4m from 669 and South Korea on $2.5m from 380. A number one launch in the Philippines produced $2.2m from 125 while Singapore and Malaysia generated $1.6m from 24 and $1.4m from 89, respectively. It opened top in Argentina on $1.4m.

DreamWorks Animation’s Kung Fu Panda 2 stands at $446.9m and Super 8 is at $59.7m and arrives next weekend in the UK, France, Germany, Mexico and Argentina.

  • Cars 2 eased past $200m in its sixth weekend through Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International thanks to a $30m session that raised the score to $217.6m and brought the film to within a hair’s breadth of 2006’s Cars, which finished on $217.9m.

Cars 2 opened in France on $9m, Germany on $6.7m and Japan on $5.8m. It stands at $25.2m in Mexico, $21m in Australia, $20.7m in Brazil, $19.7m in Russia and $13.1m in the UK after two weekends. The global tally stands at $399.7m.

  • Zookeeper added a confirmed $7.3m from 2,620 through Sony Pictures Releasing International in 37 markets for $41.8m and has grossed $13.5m in Germany. It opened in sixth place in the UK on $1.5m from 380.

Bad Teacher brought in a further $8.1m from 2,295 in 37 and stands at $81.7m. The R-rated comedy opened in third place France on $2.9m from 308 and stands at $17.2m in Germany and $13.1m in Russia.

  • Fox International reported a confirmed $7.4m weekend for Mr Popper’s Penguins which brought the tally to $71.5m. Fox International Production’s Assalto Ao Banco Central added $2.1m from 307 in Brazil for $6.2m. Rio stands at $338.9m and Monte Carlo is on $4.3m.
  • Bridesmaids grossed $5.5m for Universal Pictures International from 1,800 sites in 31 territories for $81.5m. The R-rated comedy stands at $32.4m in the UK and there are 22 territories to go including France, Spain and Italy in August.

Hanna launched in Australia on $840,000 from 136 and has taken $7m through UPI in Australia and the UK. Paul stands at $57.9m and has a shot at $100m worldwide with debuts looming in Mexico, Brazil and Argentina. The global tally is $95.9m. Fast And Furious Five has reached $394.5m, Hop $75.3m and Beginners $2.3m.

The Smurfs opened day-and-date with North America in seven markets, grossing $4.4m from 836 screens. It ranked number one in Spain on $3.9m from 634 and also opened top in India on $335,000 from 192. Friends With Benefits stands at an early $3.8m.