Avatar grossed much more in its second weekend than Fox International originally estimated, adding $152.8m for $413.2m after 12 days in release. The result propelled Fox International’s annual box office to an industry-high $2.28bn with four days to go, overtaking Warner Bros Pictures International’s $2.24bn record from 2007.

James Cameron’s sci-fi powerhouse played on 14,686 screens in 108 markets. Combined with the $212.7m North American take, Avatar has amassed $625.9m worldwide.

International business was driven by impressive holds and Fox’s highest non-franchise launch in Japan on $14.5m (¥1.3bn) from 749 screens, which was also Fox’s fourth highest launch behind the Star Warsfranchise. The 283 3D screen count comprised 38% of the entire count and accounted for 75% of box office.

In second weekend holdovers, Avatar grossed a further $21.8m from 1,114 in France for $51.7m, $13.6m from 1,329 in Russia for $44.2m, $12.8m from 1,138 in Germany for $34.2m, $12.5m from 800 in Spain for $28.8m, and $6.5m from 735 in South Korea for $23.4m. It is Fox’s highest and the industry’s fourth highest Hollywood release in South Korea after ten days.

The film added $6.1m from 496 in the UK for $28.4m and $5.6m from 1,478 in Mexico for $15.1m and is now the second highest industry release of 2009 behind Ice Age 3.

Elsewhere Avatar added $5.3m from 654 in Brazil after a 5% climb to stand at $13.9m following the highest second weekend in industry history, and added $2.8m from 71 in Hong Kong following a 44% rise to stand at $6.9m. It is the third highest Fox release ever and the seventh highest industry release after 11 days.

Latest figures put Taiwan at $7.8m, Holland at $6m, India at $10.7m, Sweden at $5.3m, Switzerland at $4.4m, and Singapore at $4.2m, where Avatar is the second highest Fox release ever behind Titanic on SGD 5.3m.

  • In other records, Avatar overtook Titanic in Malaysia to become the highest Fox release in history on $3.5m, and overtookIce Age 3 in Indonesia to become Fox’s biggest release ever on $2.9m..

The film grossed $3.367m on IMAX screens in a new IMAX record. So far Avatar has amassed $11.3m internationally and should overtake the $15m record within two or three days. The global IMAX take for Avatarstands at $35m.

  • In terms of company grosses for the year-to-date, Fox International led the way in a strong year for several other studios. Sony Pictures Releasing International (SPRI) films grossed more than $2.12bn led by 2012 on $583.7m, while Warner Bros Pictures International (WBPI) had reached $1.85bn as of December 27.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International (WDSMPI) stood at $1.7bn, PPI reached $1.3bn led by Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen on $433.2m, and UPI reached $1.2bn led by Fast & Furious on $207.8m. Summit International reported more than $877.2m, with New Moon, Red Cliff Part 2, Twilight and Knowing all rossing $100m.

  • Returning to the weekend’s action, Fox International also released Alvin And The Chipmunks 2 on 5,492 screens in 42 markets for $36.5m. The film ranked second in at least 20 markets behind Avatar, sources said.

Highlights included $8.7m from 487 including previews in the UK, $3.2m from 354 in Spain, $3.1m from 519 in France, $3.1m from 363 in Australia, $2.8m in Mexico, $2.4m from 626 in Germany, $2.2m from 119 including previews in Holland, $1.1m from 574 in Russia, and $928,000 from 33 in Singapore.

  • Sherlock Holmes brought in an estimated $26m according to WBPI after launching day-and-date with North America in 17 markets on 2,454 screens.

The action release took $6m in Italy from 451 screens, $5m in the UK from 650 prints, $4.8m in South Korea from 317 screens and $3.2m in Australia from 308 screens. The December 26 UK opening day registered the industry’s fifth highest Boxing Day release. Sherlock Holmesopens in Russia on December 31 and Mexico on January 1.

Summit International’s New Moon grossed a further $5.8m from approximately 4,233 sites in 67 territories, raising the running total to $389.3m.

  • UPI launched It’s Complicated in 11 territories and reported $5.4m from 1,028 sites. Couples Retreat added $1.6m from 700 in 33 for $50.1m. Public Enemies added $500,000 from 324 sites in Japan for $5.8m after 16 days and the international tally stands at $114.5m. Inglourious Basterds is still playing in several territories and the tally has reached $198.3m. Ecuador will be the final release on January 1.

  • SPRI reported a $5.1m weekend for 2012on 4,300 screens in 75 markets, elevating the running total to $583.7m. Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs added $3.8m from 1,085 in 26 for $79.4m, Did You Hear About The Morgans opened in Australia on $1.1m from 208 screens, and Zombielandadded $1.9m from 520 in 31 for $21.5m.

  • PPP opened Peter Jackson’s The Lovely Bones in Australia and New Zealand on December 26 and reported a $730,000 combined gross from 93 locations. Celda 221 added $923,000 in Spain from 196 sites for $12.7m over eight weeks. Law Abiding Citizen in the UK added $100,000 for $9.1m.