Fox International top brass will look to Avatar to rule for a seventh consecutive weekend as the film surges towards the $2bn global mark.

As of Thursday the sci-fi epic, which already ranks as the biggest international and worldwide release in history, stood at $1.342bn overseas and $1.898bn globally.

It needs a further $102m from around the world to become the first release ever to cross $2bn at the global box office. Based on last weekend’s grosses, the odds of accomplishing this over the next three days would appear to be high.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International’s The Princess And The Frog opens in France and South Africa this weekend and stands at $67,2m. Surrogates has reached $78.1m and is at the end of its run. Old Dogs and Uphave reached, $36.7m and $436.1m, respectively.

Universal/UPI’s Inglourious Basterds has crossed $200m internationally. As of January 21 Quentin Tarantino’s wartime adventure had grossed $200.1m, combining with the $120.5m domestic gross through The Weinstein Company for a $320.6m global take.

Territory highlights include $25.8m in France, $23.2m in Germany, $17.8m in the UK, $16.3m in Spain, $14.2m in Italy, $11.8m in Australia, and $7m in Japan, where the film is still in release.

It’s Complicated has reached $55.2m and launches in five territories, among them Mexico and has reached.

Up In The Air on $23.9m lands in eight through PPI and executives will be looking for solid numbers in the UK, Australia, Russia, and New Zealand. Hierroopens in Spain.

Sony Pictures Releasing International (SPRI) unleashes Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs in German-speaking Europe and Taiwan this weekend, while Did You Hear About The Morgans? arrives in a further 13 territories including South Korea.

The Book Of Eli has taken $11.3m through al distributors so far and debuts in Mexico and Romania, Nine in Brazil, Argentina and New Zealand, and Zombieland in Brazil and Argentina. Legion opens in Russia.

Summit International’s Astro Boy on $21m touches down in Mexico and Argentina.