Heading into the sixth weekend Avatar stands at $1.17bn and looks odds-on to overhaul Titanic’s $1.242bn 12-year international box office record over the next few days in what is certain to be another mighty hold.

Then Fox International’s sci-fi adventure will surge on toward the ultimate prize – the $1.842bn worldwide tally. Avatar has amassed $1.685bn globally and will become the biggest release of all time possibly this weekend or more likely sometime early next week.

Fox International unleashes the Dwayne Johnson family film Tooth Fairy day-and-date with North America in nine territories, among them Singapore on January 21 followed a day later by Brazil and Spain.

Alvin And The Chipmunks: The Squeakquel has reached $161 and arrives in Argentina on January 21 and Poland on January 22. 500 Days Of Summer on $26.5m opens in South Korea on January 21.

Universal/UPI’s romantic comedy It’s Complicated on $39.9m debuts in nine, among them Germany on January 21, and Sweden and Austria on January 22. La Herencia Valdemar opens in Spain onJanuary 22 and Serge Gainsbourg, Vie Heroique in France on January 20. Black Lightning has reached $20.7m.

PPI’s Up In The Air has flown off to an early $8.2m and gets a push in around 18 new territories, including  Argentina onJanuary 20, followed by Brazil, Mexico, Italy and Spain onJan 22.

Sherlock Holmes has grossed $178m through Warner bros Pictures International to date, while Invictus is making a good early run of it and has taken $10.6m with launches in Australia Mexico this weekend. Warner Bros’ Italian production Io Loro E Lara has taken more than $18.1m in Italy so far.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International’s The Princess And The Frog stands at $62.8m and opens in South Korea this weekend.

Old Dogs has taken $33.7m and lands in Argentina and Poland, Up stands at $434.5m, and Tinkerbell has quietly reached an early $7m.

Meanwhile the sci-fi thriller Surrogates has grossed $74.3m and opens in German-speaking Europe and Japan. A Christmas Carol stands at $187m. Miramax family drama The Boys Are Back starring Clive Owen opens in the UK.

Sony Pictures Releasing International’s romantic comedy DidYou Hear About The Morgans? debuts in January 20 in France and French-speaking Switzerland, Holland on January 21 and South Africa and Turkey on January 22. Legionopens in Singapore and Malaysia on January 21.

An Educationopens in Hong Kong on January 21. Armored arrives in the UK on January 22. Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs lands in Thailand on January 21 and a day later in Sweden and Denmark.

SPRI releases Nine in Australia on January 21 and holds additional rights in Latin America, New Zealand and South Africa. Zombieland opens in India on January 22.

The Book Of Eli has taken an early $4.5m and opens through Summit International in France, French-speaking Switzerland and arrives through SPRI in several Baltic and Eastern European territories. Astro Boy has grossed $19.9m through Summit International and opens this weekend in Brazil and New Zealand.

Lionsgate’s vampire thriller Daybreakers has reached $6m from eight territories so far, while the drama Brothersstands at $5.1m from seven and arrives in the UK this weekend.