Avatar stayed top of the international arena for the ninth consecutive weekend as Fox International reported an estimated $59m weekend that raised the running total to $1.69bn.

Active on 8,453 screens in 71 markets, the film added $5.8m in Japan from 569 for $121.9m, $5.7m in Germany from 554 for $125.4m, $5.4m in France from 580 for $156.5m, and $5.3m in Italy from 648 for $78.5m.

Elsewhere James Cameron’s runaway success delivered a further $5.1m in China from 792 to raise the tally to $155m, $4.9m in the UK from 423 for $124.4m, $2.8m in Spain from 400 for $92.9m, and $2.3m in Australia from 291 for $92.9m as well.

The new family film Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief debuted well in 63 countries, grossing $28m from 5,800 screens. The lead market was Russia on $3.6m from 811, followed by France on $3.5m form 538and South Korea on $3.3m form 322. It also took $2.3m in the UK from 453.

Alvin And The Chipmunks: The Squeakquel added $4.5m from 3,774 in 38 for $207.1m and the lead market of the weekend was Italy on $850,929 from 362 for $6.7m. The UK has generated $34.5m, Brazil $20m, and Germany $14.9m.

Two Fox International Productions local language releases were in action. My Name Is Khan, the romance starring Indian icon Shahrukh Khan, launched in eight markets and grossed $14.2m from 1,692 screens.

It was the clear number one in India on $9.2m from 1,450 and scored the biggest Bollywood release ever in the UK on $1.5m from 91, the UAE on an exceptional $1.1m from 35, Australia on $372,327 from 37, and New Zealand on $99,871 from 12.

The Chinese title Hot Summer Days debuted in China over Chinese New Year on $3.8m from roughly 1,800 screens.

Tooth Fairy added $1.4m from 1,609 screens in 22 markets for $34.1m and its next major market is Germany on March 18.

  • Warner Bros Pictures International’s romantic comedy Valentine’s Day launched day-and date with the number one release in North America in 52 markets, grossing $30.4m form 4,562 screens.

The film opened top in Australia on $6.4m from 373, second in the UK on $4.7m from 432, and opened in Germany on $2.5m from 410. Elsewhere it took $1.9m from 488 in Russia, $1.4m from 304 in Spain, and $1.5m from 288 in Japan.

Sherlock Holmes added $6.9m from 4,224 in 53 for $256.9m and added $3.5m in France on 676 for $10.2m after two weekends. Invictus grossed a further $6.5m from 2,220 in 27 for $54.2m.

  • The Wolfman took a $21m bite out of the international box office following its launch through Universal/UPI in 4,222 sites in 37 territories. The UK led the way on $3.4m from 404 to rank third behind Avatar and Valentine’s Day.

The horror tale delivered a strong number one debut in Mexico on $3.2m from 486, and opened in second place in Spain on $2.4m from 426. It opened in third place in Australia on $1.7m from 209, and took $1.7m in France from 388 $1.2m in Germany from 510.

There are 25 territories to go including Italy on February 19, Russia on February 25 and Japan on April 23.

It’s Complicated added $3.1m form 2,500 sites in 41 territories for $79.4m. Germany has generated $8.3m after four weekends, and the UK $14.2m and Australia $13.4m after six.

  • The Princess And The Frog crossed $100m as the hand-drawn animated grossed a further $11.3m through Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International (WDSMPI) from 3,643 sites in 39 territories. The running total stands at $109m

The film added $3.9m in France from 674 in the third weekend for $17.6m, as well as $2.4m in the UK from 460 for $6m and $2.2m in Spain for $6.2m. The Benelux generated $700,000 from 226 for $2.1m.

PPI’s drama Up In The Air added $6m from 2,547 locations in 46 territories for $58m. The largest contribution came from Germany, where the film grossed $1.1m from 263 locations for $3.5m. France stands at $5.4m and Italy $7m.

The Lovely Bones grossed $3m from 1,029 sites in six territories for $16.7m. The drama launched in France on $1.2m from 315, Italy on $1.1m from 306, and Belgium on $200,000 from 33. A further $450,000 in Japan raised the tally to $6m. The film opens in the UK and other markets next weekend.

Youth In Revolt added $500,000 from the UK in 281 locations for $2.3m.

  • Sony Pictures Releasing International’s (SPRI) Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs also crossed $100m after a $3.3m weekend haul from 1,455 screens in 22 markets pushed the tally to $102.6m. The animated family film launched in South Korea in fifth place on $1.4m from 277 and added $950,000 in its third weekend in Germany for $5.6m.

Latest data from SPRI puts Did You Hear About The Morgans? on $44.7m, Friendship! on $13.4m, and The Book Of Eli on $3.7m from Sony markets.