Santa Monica-based Myriad Pictures enjoyed a strong response to J C Chandor’s Berlinale competition entry Margin Call, closing deals with ARP in France and Wanda in Spain.

Myriad head Kirk D’Amico also licensed rights to Benelux (Lumiere), Greece (Spentzos), Hong Kong (Tomson), Switzerland (Praesens), Israel (Shoval) and Hungary (MTVA). Eco Films acquired Portuguese rights and Serenity will distribute in Taiwan.

D’Amico, who served as executive producer on the film, traveled from Germany to London after the market to continue working on a UK deal. Lionsgate and Roadside Attractions acquired US rights during Sundance.

Previous sales include: Germany (Koch Media and Degato), Canada (Alliance), Australia (Becker), Italy (Rai), Mexico (Gussi), Brazil (Paris Filmes), Scandinavia (Svensk), Poland (Monolith), Argentina (Distribution Co), Middle East (Eagle) and China (DDDream). 

Margin Call stars Kevin Spacey, Jeremy Irons, Paul Bettany, Zach Quinto, Stanley Tucci and Demi Moore as executives at an investment bank that undergoes a crisis during the 2008 financial collapse.

“There was an incredible amount of interest in the subject of the film – the financial meltdown of 2008 – which bodes well for the film’s theatrical release in the US and throughout the world,” D’Amico said.