A spectacular debut in Russia played its part in helping Clash Of The Titans hold on to the international crown as Warner Bros Pictures International’s titan shot past $100m in its second weekend.

The action adventure was active on more than 7,000 screens in 31 territories and grossed $53.6m for $119.2m. A total of 2,610 3D screens accounted for $34.9m or 64% of total box office from 37% of total screens.

Weekend business was punctuated by a trio of number one debuts, led by that sensational Russian result of $11.8m from 919. French audiences generated $7.4m from 615 for their compatriot, director Louis Leterrier, and Germany produced $6.3 from 672.

In key number one holds, Clash added $3.8m in South Korea from 520 for $12m, $3.7m in the UK from 468 for $19m and $2.3m in Spain from 553 for $12.5m. It grossed $3m in Australia from 349 for $12.2m and ranks second. Clash opens in Italy and Mexico on April 16, followed by Japan on April 23.

The Blind Side grossed $3.1m from nearly 1,700 screens in 25 markets for $39.3m and stands at $11.3m in Australia after seven weekends, $7.4m in the UK and $5m in Germany after three, and $3.6m in Mexico after four.

  • PPI reported that DreamWorks Animations’ How to Train Your Dragon added $23.7m from 7,033 sites in 55 territories for $148.1m. Approximately 69% of the weekend total came from 3,357 3D screens.

The family film ranks number one in Australia, where it climbed 42% and took $3.2m from 358 for $12.4m. It grossed $2.2m in the UK from 704 for $15m and $2m in Germany from 807 venues for $10.5m.

A number one hold in Mexico was the result of a $1.8m haul from 716 for $11.3m, while Brail stands at $8.5m after $1.8m from 321 and France $8.7m following $2.2m from 753.

The only new opening was in Poland, where $790,000 from 95 sites understandably fell below expectations after president Lech Kaczynski’s death on Saturday in a fatal air crash. The film is set to open in Turkey on April 23, South Korea on May 20 and Japan on August 7.

Shutter Island added $7.3m to bring the international running total to $143.9m.  The 45 territories in which Paramount is distributing the film contributed $6.6m from 2,502 sites for a $102.9m running total. Martin Scorsese’s acclaimed mystery did the best business in Japan through a $3.5m number one launch from 284 sites for the director’s biggest debut there.

The romantic comedy She’s Out Of My League added $1.5m from 289 sites in five territories for $5.2m after two weekends.

  • Alice In Wonderland’s extraordinary journey saw it jump to number 28 on the all-time international and 29 on the worldwide rankings after grossing $19m through Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International from 7,152 theatres in 51 territories for $461.5m.

The $780.8m global tally means Alice ranks as Disney’s fourth biggest global release behind Pirates Of The Caribbean 2on $1.066bn, Pirates Of The Caribbean 3 on $961m, and Finding Nemo on $865m.

France led weekend business in second place on $4.3m from 737 theatres for $33.3m after 17 days in release and the €24.7m tally has already overtaken the entire €23.1m run of Pirates Of The Caribbean. The film added $4.1m in China from 1,477 for $33.2m and consolidated its status as Disney’s biggest release there.

In Germany, fourth place and $1.8m from 535 raised the cumulative total to $35m, while in the UK Alice stands at a n mighty $60.6m following $1.1m from 547 in the sixth weekend and is expected to become Disney’s fourth biggest release this week. Alice is set to open in Spain on April 16, Japan on April 17, and Brazil on April 21.

Romance The Last Song starring the teenage chanteuse Miley Cryus added $1.4m from Australia and New Zealand for $4.5m and opens this week in Mexico and Portugal.

  • Universal/UPI’s family sequel Nanny McPhee And The Big Bang grossed $7.4m from 2,570 sites in 13 territories for a terrific $34.6m early running total. The film stayed at number two in the UK on $1.9m from 510 for $18.1m after three weekends, and ranks third on $1.7m in the second weekend in Australia for $4.8m. Germany has generated $2.3m after two and Mexico $1.4m after the same time.

Kick-Ass, which Lionsgate has sold in the bulk of territories, added $3.5m through Universal from 636 in the UK, Australia and New Zealand for an early $12.4m running total. It ranks fourth in the UK on $10.5m and arrives in Germany, German-speaking Switzerland, Austria and French-speaking Switzerland through Universal in the next two weeks.

Green Zone added $2.7m from 1,800 in 30 for $37.9m and opened top in Italy through Medusa on $1.3m from 286. The Universal-Quad co-production Heartbreaker added $2.1m in its fourth weekend in France from 400 to reach an excellent $18.8m after 26 days. It’s Complicated stands at $108.8m.

  • The Bounty Hunter delivered another solid weekend for Sony Pictures Releasing International (SPRI) as $7.2m from 2,530 screens in 44 markets boosted the tally to $42.2m. The top territories were Germany on $1.7m from 522 for $6.3m and Spain on a $1.7m debut from 349.

SPRI’s local Brazilian title Chico Xavier held on to number one in its second weekend in the territory on $2.5m from 340 for a superb $7.5m running total. Last weekend’s launch was the biggest for a locally produced film in Brazil.

  • Fox International unleashed the action comedy Date Night starring Steve Carrel and Tina Fey in 34 territories, reporting $7m from 1,616 screens. Australia led the way on $1.9m from 304 in third place, followed by Brazil on $1.1m from 175 in second, and Mexico on $878,682 from 310 in second.

Singapore generated $330,853 from 27, Hong Kong $291,963 from 30, and New Zealand $190,998 from 51. Date Night arrives next week in Germany, Russia and Sweden, and the UK the following weekend.

Avatar added $3.1m from 1,127 in 25 for $1.969bn, and Tooth Fairy grossed $781,340 from 589 in 15 for $45.5m. Fox’s local title The Priest launched in Russia on $1.1m from 661 screens.

  • Summit International’s romance Remember Me added $4.7m from 2,302 screens in 36 for $27m running total.