Fox International’s Voyage Of The Dawn Treader clung on to the overseas box office crown on $31.5m despite a strong launch by Tron: Legacy as severe snow decimated ticket sales across Europe.

Elsewhere Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 1 added an estimated $24.3m for $558.6m and Tron: Legacy amassed $23m in the first wave of its international launch. Sony’s The Social Network crossed $100m.

Returning to Voyage Of The Dawn Treader, Fox International reported a confirmed weekend haul of $31.5m from 10,107 screens in 61 markets as the international tally climbed to $126m after two weekends. The film launched on $2.6m in Germany on 893 screens, $2.1m in Italy on 383 and $312,993 in Austria on 94.

In the holdover markets, Russia brought in a further $3.8m for $16.2m and France was in a close race for first place on $3.7m for $10.4m. The film ranked second in the UK behind Tron: Legacy on $1.9m for $7.6m.

Mexico generated $1.9m for $10.6m, Brazil $1.7m for $6.5m, South Korea $1.7m for $7.5m and Australia $1.3m for $7.9m.

Love And Other Drugs opened in Australia in third place on $1.9m from 245 screens. Unstoppable added $687,294 from 625 screens in 16 markets for $57.1m. The next major territories to open are Australia, Brazil, Japan and Mexico in early January 2011.

  • Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 1 continued to play well in its firth weekend overseas and added a confirmed $24.2m from 9,630 screens in 65 territories to boost the tally to $558.4m.

A tasty $5.9m number one launch on 517 South Korean screens helped matters, as did an excellent $4m bow in Hong Kong on 156 screens that grabbed a commanding 85% of the top five market share.

Warner Bros Pictures International announced that Japan generated a further $2.9m for $59m, France $2.5m for $39.5m, Germany $1.8m for $51m, the UK $1.3m for $70.9m, Australia $1.2m for $36.1m and China $450,000 for $30.9m. Russia stands at $25.6m, Italy $24.7m, Mexico $21.3m, Brazil $20.8m and Spain $17.3m.

Due Date grossed $2.7m from 1,580 screens in 51 for $94.3m and has amassed $16.9m in the UK, $12.4m in Germany, $8.3m in Australia and $7.4m in Russia.

  • Disney’s Tron: Legacy entered its first weekend of international release day-and-date with North America and secured number one launches in nearly all its 26 territories on $23m from 3,832 theatres.

3D and IMAX 3D represented roughly 70% of the total gross and the sci-fi adventure sequel prospered most in Japan as 350 screens delivered $4.7m. Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International top brass said males accounted for 70% of crowds.

The film took $3.4m in Australia from 325 and $3.2m from 525 in a soft weekend in UK, where despite heavy snow it overcame The Chronicles Of Narnia: Voyage Of The Dawn Treader. Brazil produced $1.9m from 440 and Spain generated the same amount.

Tangled continues a notable run and is nearing $100m after adding $14m in its fourth weekend from 17 territories for $97.8m. The animation held well throughout German-speaking Europe, where it ranked number one for the second consecutive weekend. It added $4.4m in Germany for $12.3m.

  • The Social Network crossed $100m overseas through Sony Pictures Releasing International (SPRI) as $1.5m from 920 screens in 42 markets elevated the running total to $100.5m.

The key weekend drivers came from Latin America, as Brazil generated $550,000 from 142 in the third weekend for $3.2m and Mexico added $425,000 from 247 for $1.3m.

The Tourist generated a further $10.5m to raise the early running total to a highly promising $22.3m. The romantic thriller played on 2,542 screens in 24 markets and opened in third place in Germany on $2.3m from 675 and in third place in Italy on $1.9m from 400.

It also opened in France, ranking fourth on $1.7m from 375, and in Belgium, where $280,000 from 46 was good enough for second behind a local Flemish release. The Austrian debut generated $335,000 from 70 for a number two or three ranking.

South Korea led the second weekend holdovers on $1.2m from 239 for $5.3m while the UK generated $1.1m from 413 for $4.5m. Taiwan has produced $1.9m after two.

Burlesque ventured forth into nine markets and grossed $2.3m from 930 screens. The musical launched in Japan on $885,000 from 234 and debuted in Spain and the UK on $650,000 from 280 and $625,000 from 354, respectively. All ranked sixth.

  • DreamWorks Animation’s Megamind expanded into a further 18 markets through PPI this weekend and grossed $15m from 4,725 sites in 50 to stand at $87m. The film launched top in Mexico on $2.7m from 502 and braved the severe snow in France to debut on $2.2m from 711. The Italian launch generated $1.5m from 79.

Other Western European debuts – all hampered by heavy snow and ice – included Belgium on $200,000 from 90, Denmark on $172,000 from 79 and the Netherlands on $13,000 from 99.

There were significant holds in Australia, where the second weekend gross dropped 22% to $1.9mn from 258 for $70m, and the UK, where $900,000 from 484 after a 53% drop resulted in an $8.7m running total.

Shrek Forever After crossed $500m after producing $1.2m from the Japanese launch in 256 venues. The international running total from 62 overseas markets stands at $501m.

Jackass 3D grossed $2.2m from 982 locations in 25 markets for $51.3m. The comedy arrives in Japan in February.

  • Universal / UPI’s Robin Hood grossed $704,000 from 298 sites in its second weekend in Japan as the ten-day tally climbed to $4.5m. The international total is $211.8m. Despicable Me stands at $539.8m.

Devil stands at $22.6m and Australia was the top holdover on $155,000 from 110 sites for $1.4m after 18 days. Mexico has generated $1.7m after 24 days and there are 11 territories to open including Germany on January 13, Spain on February 4 and France on April 20. 

Biutiful has amassed $3.2m from Spain after 17 days and opens in Italy opens on February 4. Somewhere, which Universal is releasing in a handful of territories, opened in New Zealand on $14,000 from 12 sites. The UK has produced $452,000 after ten days and the combined tally from the two Universal markets so far stands at $459,953. The drama opens in Australia opens on December 26 and kicks off in Latin America in the New Year.  

The American has grossed $10.1m from seven Universal territories and has five to go in Latin American in early 2011. Julia’s Eyes, Universal’s Spanish co-production with Antenna 3, has amassed an excellent $9.4m after 52 days in Spain and is the highest grossing Spanish film in Spain this year.  It opens in France on December 22 and starts to roll out in Latin America with a Mexican launch on February 4.