Resident Evil: Afterlife has become the biggest film in the horror franchise overseas as it plundered a further $38.7m to boost the tally to $103.2m

Sony Pictures Releasing International (SPRI) territories accounted for $30.2m from 5,240 screens in 41 markets for $89.7m. Overall the film added $38.7m industry-wide for $103.2m running total.

It opened top in 11 markets and held on to number one almost everywhere led by Japan, where $4.7m from 655 raised the early score to $27.7m. The film launched at number one in Mexico, South Korea and Brazil on $3.5m from 660, $3.8m from 278 and $2.9m from 302, respectively.

The most notable non-Sony launch came through Constantin in Germany on $5.8m, Austria on $830,000 and German-speaking Switzerland on $330,000. Overall Summit International’s territories of Thailand, the Philippines, Turkey and Israel grossed an estimated $1.6m from roughly 542 screens.

In other prominent Sony results the film added $3.6m in Russia from 583 for $14m and $1.1m in the UK from 361 for $5.1m and third place. Spain has reached $6m and ranks second, Italy $4m for first, and Malaysia $2.9m for first.

The Other Guys added $5.5m from 785 in 17 for $9m. The film scored a career best launch for Will Ferrell in the UK on $3.1m from 434 and added $1.7m in its second weekend in Australia from 242 for $5m.

Salt grossed $4.5m from 2,735 screens in 68 for $162.8m and has generated $10.9m in France after four weekends, $10.7m in the UK after five, and $10.9m in Australia after five.

The Karate Kid stands at $174m, Grown Ups has taken $89.2m and Eat Pray Love has reached an early $3.7m and opened in second place in Italy on $1.7m from 336 and second or third place in Japan on $1.6m from 295. Easy Aopened day-and-date with North America in Australia on $1.1m from 170.

Inception added $10.2m from 5,460 screens in 60 markets through Warner Bros Pictures International for $468.2m. The sci-fi thriller arrives in Italy on September 24.

The Town, another Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures collaboration, opened in second place in France day-and-date with North America and produced $2.2m from 293 screens including previews. Cats And Dogs 2 added $3m from 2,295 screens in 52 markets as the tally climbed to $60.1m.

Paramount/PPI’s The Last Airbender grossed $5.7m from 2,999 sites in 58 territories for $158.6m. A $2.6m number one launch in Australia from 341 drove weekend business. School holidays start on Monday.

In its fourth weekend in Italy, Shrek Forever After continued to hold strongly with $1.4m from 574 locations, down 30% on last weekend to bring the local total to $20.7m. Overall the film grossed $2.1m from 1,828 venues in 61 markets for $491m and will cross $500m later this year when it opens in the final major market of Japan.

The Australian action thriller Tomorrow When The War Began has now amassed $9m in Australia and New Zealand after adding $1.2m in the third weekend from 283 sites. In Australia it grossed $1.1m from 230 venues, down 41% on last weekend to bring the tally to an excellent $8.2m. Inferno is handling international sales outside Australia.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International’s The Sorcerer’s Apprentice grossed $5.3m from 3,948 screens as the running total climbed to $137.6m from 53 territories.

The family adventure added $1.3m in China from 800 sites for $6.5m after 12 days and $880,000 in Spain from 367 for $6m after three weekends. Australia stands at $2.3m after 11 days.

Toy Story 3 is now Disney’s biggest global release of the year-to-date and the fifth biggest global film and the tenth biggest international release of all time. It added $3.5m from 3,456 venues in its fifth month of release for $635.7m. The global tally is $1,046.3m.

Step Up 3 Dhas crossed $100m through various distributors. The film began in its run through Disney in Spain and took $913,000 from 225. It added $650,000 from 350 venues in Universal’s five territories for $33.5m through Universal. France has generated $8.3m after 33 days, Australia $9.2m after 46 days and the UK $12.2m after 45 days. The running total including Summit International markets stands at $102m.

Universal/UPI’s Despicable Me brought in a further $5m from 1,450 venues in 29 territories for an early total of $88.5m.  South Korea generated an excellent $1.4m from 230 in fifth place. The film also opened top in New Zealand on $586,000 from 80 and held firm in second place in Australia on $2m from 177 for $7.2m. There are 29 territories including most of Europe to go.

MRC’s horror film Devil launched day-and-date with North America in seven markets, taking $2.3m from 555 venues. It opened in second place in the UK on $1.3m and Malaysia delivered a strong debut on $204,000 from 25. Devil arrives in seven new markets including Russia next weekend.

The American, which Universal is releasing in 16 markets, added $2m from 474 sites in two territories, powered by an outstanding $1.7m number one launch in Spain from 274. The drama added $340,000 in its second weekend in Italy from 200 for $1.3m. Scott Pilgrim Vs The World stands at $12m.

Fox International Productions’ local language Brazilian hit Nosso Lar continued to dominate the local box office in its third weekend following a 4% drop as $2.5m raised the tally to a magnificent $13.5m.

Avatar: Special Edition grossed a further $1m from 672 screens in 20 to push the film’s overall international running total to $2.014bn.

The historical drama, Hidalgo: La Historia Jamas Contada, a Mexico local production, had an excellent opening in second place on $1.5m from 659.

Vampires Suck opened top in Italy on $2.6m. Overall, the weekend take was $5.2m as the cumulative gross climbed to $19.8m.

Distribution Company opened the animation Gaturro in Argentina on 102 screens last weekend on $460,100. Voltage Pictures is handling international sales.