Buenos Aires-based FilmSharks has reported solid business in Cannes, also on Tear This Heart Out and Sister Welsh Nights; La Milagrosa virtually sold out.

Buenos Aires-based FilmSharks has reported solid business in Cannes, led by a couple of deals with S&A Pictures in South Korea for Jonathan Parker’s comedy (Untitled) starring Adam Goldberg and Roberto Sneider’s Mexican drama Tear This Heart Out.

FilmSharks has licensed both titles to more than 30 territories. Samuel Goldwyn released (Untitled) in the US last November and deals are pending with CIS and Mexico.

Meanwhile Maywin Films has acquired Tear This Heart Out for CIS and the Baltic states. Fox released the film throughout Latin America to considerable success according to FilmSharks and Lionsgate holds North American rights.

Albany Films acquired French-speaking territories on Jean-Claude Janer’s French coming-of-age comedy Sister Welsh Nights. Swedish title Guidance has gone to Smart Cinema for Benelux.

Rafa Lara’s Colombian kidnap drama La Milagrosa has virtually sold out, with rights going to Splendid for German-speaking territories and Benelux, Maywin for CIS and the Baltic, Binci Media for China and LAPTV for pay TV across Latin America. Goldmine Pictures has scheduled a North American release on more than 80 prints for this summer.

Mubi, the online film library formerly known as The Auteurs, has closed a deal with FilmSharks for VOD release. The deal includes the back catalogue from Latin American producers Alta Vista (Amores Perros, Nicotina) and Patagonik (Nine Queens, El Aura).