Stuart Ford’s sales and financing powerhouse is introducing buyers to two hot titles on the Croisette.

Stuart Ford’s sales and financing powerhouse IM Global arrives on the Croisette with high-octane duo Safe and The Factory.

The company’s new president of sales and distribution Jonathan Deckter will introduce the projects to buyers here. Jason Statham headlines Safe, which is currently in pre-production and centres on a former elite agent who rescues a young Chinese girl and falls foul of the Triads, Russian mafia and corrupt New York authorities when they find a safe-cracking combination.

Boaz Yakin (Remember The Titans) will direct and Lawrence Bender, in town with special screening Countdown To Zero, is producing with Trigger Street Productions.

Completed crime thriller The Factory stars John Cusack as a police officer who abandons all professional restraint after a serial killer hunting streetwalkers mistakenly abducts his teenage daughter.

Warner Bros holds North American rights on the project, which also stars Jennifer Carpenter (Quarantine) and Sonya Walger. Morgan O’Neill directed from a screenplay she co-wrote with Paul A Leyden. Joel Silver produced alongside Susan Downey and David Gambino.

IM Global’s Cannes slate of English-language titles includes the $35m Dwayne Johnson action thriller Protection and the $45m Judge Dredd adaptation that is being produced with Reliance BIG.