Inception should cross $300m overseas by the end of its fifth weekend in release and remains a strong bet to maintain its international supremacy.

Warner Bros Pictures International’s sci-fi thriller has soared past the $500m worldwide mark and added more than $25m overseas during the week to stand at $276m internationally. The global tally is $511m.

Cats And Dogs 2 stands at an early $14m and opens in Germany and Mexico this weekend. Spain and Japan are set to follow next weekend.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International’s Toy Story 3 has grossed more than $500m internationally and should pull in another solid weekend as it bears down on Finding Nemo’s $528.2m mark. Overtaking that milestone will position Toy Story 3 as the second biggest animation in history, behind only Ice Age 3 on $688.2m

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice has taken more than $58m and gets a big push this weekend with launches set for Brazil, French-speaking Europe, Japan and the UK.

More good things are expected this weekend from Sony Pictures Releasing International’s Salt, which has amassed more than $20m so far. Grown Ups has taken more than $35m and SPRI top brass will look for another strong weekend. The Karate Kid has grossed more than $81m.

Fox International’s Knight And Day has reached $127.8m and should cross $150m before long. The A-Team has grossed $75.5m and opens in Germany and Austria. Marmaduke opens in Italy and Holland and stands at $29.6m, while Predators has taken $59.5m and searches for new prey in Argentina. Just Wright opens in Italy and Spain.

Universal/UPI’s Nanny McPhee And The Big Bang on $57.8m arrives in South Korea. Scott Pilgrim Vs The World opens day-and-date with North America in Australia and New Zealand, while Universal opens The Expendables day-and-date with North America in Spain. 7X touches down in Sweden

Paramount/PPI opens The Last Airbender on $59m in seven territories including the UK, Argentina and Hong Kong.

Summit International’s Step Up 3-D stands at $12.3m and opens in a raft of territories including the CIS, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The Ghost Writer on $45.2m opens in Australia, while The Runaways roll into in Sweden. Letters To Juliet opens in Denmark and stands at $15.3m.