Los Angeles-based financing, sales and production company Inferno Entertainment will launch the action adventure to the sales community next month.

The screening for international buyers in Toronto will follow the Australian release on September 2 through Paramount.

Stuart Beattie makes his feature directorial debut on the story based on the first in John Marsden’s seven-part bestseller in Australia and New Zealand about high school students who return from a camping trip in the Bush to discover their country has been invaded.

Rachel Hurd Wood stars alongside Caitlin Stasey, Lincoln Lewis, Phoebe Tonkin, Deniz Akdeniz, Ashleigh Cummings, Chris Pang and Andy Ryan.

Omnilab Media produced through Omnilab’s Australian production arm Ambience Entertainment and is committed to supporting the p&a costs for the North American release.

Beattie’s writing credits include the first three Pirates Of The Caribbeanfilms and Collateral.

“Following on from the successful Omnilab and Inferno partnership on The Killer Elite, I am delighted to be again working with the team at Inferno on Tomorrow When The War Began,” executive producer Christopher Mapp said.

“Inferno has already shown great commitment and passion for Tomorrow When The War Began and I know they are as excited as we are to take this action-adventure out onto the world stage”

Andrew Mason and Michael Boughen produced. Omnilab’s Mapp served as executive producer with his Omnilab colleagues Matthew Street and David Whealy and Cinemarket’s Peter D Graves.