Inglourious Basterdsheld on to the overseas crown courtesy of an estimated $19.4m gross through Universal/UPI that was well ahead the rest of the pack.

Quentin Tarantino’s film surged past the $130m worldwide mark. Active in 2,891 venues in 31 territories, it has reached $59.1m and set new opening weekend records for the director in the Netherlands, Portugal, Denmark, Bulgaria and Trinidad.

Inglourious Basterds took $1.7m in the Netherlands from 78 and 32% market share, $500,000 in Portugal from 63, and $384,000 in Denmark from 40. UPI reported good holdover business everywhere, led by number one holds in France on $4.1m from 509 after a 32% drop for $12.1m, and Australia on $1.8m from 202 after a 30% drop for $5.7m.

The film also held on to top spot in Germany on $880,000 from 441 after a 30% fall for $7.7m, and retained the box office crown in Austria and Belgium. It ranked second in the UK behind The Final Destination as $2m from 441 following a 38% fall raised the tally to $10.8m.

There are 31 territories to go over the next three months, including Argentina, Croatia, Finland and Romania next weekend, Spain in September, Italy, Brazil, Mexico and South Korea in October, and Japan in November.

  • Judd Apatow’s comedy Funny Peopleopened in the UK in third place on $1.5m from 382 venues. The early international total from the UK, Russia and UAE is $2.8m.

  • Universal is releasing Ang Lee’s Cannes entry Taking Woodstock in 15 territories and reported an $80,000 launch from 43 locations in Australia and $10,000 from 10 in New Zealand. The next releases are France on September 23 and Spain on September 25.

  • Public Enemies added $2.8m from 2,500 venues in 50 territories for $91.4m, while Drag Me To Hell added $800,000 from 700 sites in Universal territories for a Universal tally of $10.7m. The horror film stands at $1.7m in Mexico after two weekends.

  • Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince became the third biggest film in the series worldwide after adding $7.7m from 5,000 screens in 61 markets through Warner Bros Pictures International (WBPI) for $610.5m overseas and $904.9m globally.

Greece was the final territory to receive the sixth episode in the family franchise and delivered an excellent $1.9m from 135 screens that was a clear number one and scored the biggest launch of the year.

Latest figures put Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince on $80.8m in the UK, $79.4m in Japan, $60.9m in Germany, $51.6m in France, $31.7m in Australia, $27m in Italy, $24.1m in China, $21.4m in Mexico, $19.6m in Spain, $18.6m in Brazil, and $18.4m in Russia.

  • The Hangover generated $6.3m from approximately 2,940 screens in 54 territories for $159.5m and has reached $5.1m in Mexico after three weekends. The final total for Russia is $5.2m and the leading market is the UK on $35.8m.

  • The Final Destination opened in four markets day-and-date with the number one launch in North America, generating $10.1m from more than 850 screens. The UK, where the film was not handled by WBPI, opened top on $5.7m from approximately 550 sites including more than 225 3D venues. Approximately $2.7m came from the 3D venues, which was enough to secure the number one ranking even without factoring in the 2D gross..

In another non-WBPI launch, The Final Destination opened second in France on $3.7m from 400 screens.

  • Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International’s Pixar hit Up added $7.1m from 2,282 cinemas in 23 territories for $156.5m. France has generated $29.4m after five weekends, while Spain rewarded Up with the number one slot for the fifth consecutive weekend as it added $1.3m from 525 for $28.3m. The film has taken more than Ratatouille did in its entire run there and by next weekend is expected to overtake Ice Age: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs as the biggest animated release of 2009 in Spain.

  • G-Force grossed $6.6m from 3,005 locations in 28 markets for $67m and stands at $20.2m in the UK, $7.4m in Russia and $26.7m across Latin America. The Proposal added $3.1m from 2,182 locations in 40 countries for $116.1m, which is almost 10% greater than the $109.5m previous high for a Sandra Bullock romantic comedy. It opens next weekend in Italy, South Korea and Taiwan.

  • Fox International’s Ice Age 3: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs scored a magnificent $10.8m launch in Italy that delivered a record animated debut without previews in the territory, Fox’s biggest opening weekend and the biggest opening weekend of 2009. 3D screens represented 45% of the weekend box office from 28% of screens.

Overall the film collected $15m from roughly 5,500 screens in 51 markets for $635.2m, placing Ice Age 3 seventh on the all-time international box office pantheon.

  • Fox Russia released the local comedy High Security Vacations on 1,030 screens, earning $9.4m for the fourth biggest local title opening of all time in Russia, the third highest Fox opening of all-time behind Ice Age 3 and the biggest comedy opening of 2009. In India, FoxStar released Quick Gun Murugan on 357 screens, earning $624,000.

  • Aliens In The Attic added $2.3m from approximately 1,600 screens in 15 markets for $14.9m, while Night At The Museum: Battle Of The Smithsoniangrossed $1.4m from 576 in Japan for $18.5m and stands at $233m overall.

  • PPI’s GI Joe: The Rise Of Cobra grossed $8m from 6,280 locations in 56 territories for $133m after four weekends. China provided the biggest contribution with $1m from 909 sites to take its tally to $17m.

  • District 9 added $2.6m through Sony Pictures Releasing International (SPRI) and other distributors for an industry-wide $18.3m as the film crossed $100m at the global box office. The sci-fi action release opened top in South Africa on $275,000 from 80 screens.

  • Comedy The Ugly Truth grossed $4.2m from 1,040 screens in 12 markets for $23m, fuelled by $2.1m in France from 252. The Taking Of Pelham 123stands at $40.7m and took $1.4m from 243 in its launch weekend in Australia. Year One has amassed $12.2m. SPRI films collectively crossed $1bn last week.