Trailer had 5 million views in six days.

Iron Sky has closed further deals for Stealth Media in Berlin, led by a North American deal with Entertainment One.

For Israel, the film has now sold to Shoval.

The trailer for the film, about Nazis on the moon, released on YouTube during the Berlinale, has now seen more than five million views in six days. That makes the trailer more popular than those for Hollywood blockbusters. “It feels great to beat these films that have already spent more on marketing that the entire budget of Iron Sky. I see it as a sign of democratisation of entertainment, where the internet means a Finnish film can capture the interest of the viewing public. This is a victory to all European and independent filmmakers, and it’s all thanks to our active online community” says director Timo Vuorensola.

He added: “Iron Sky is for sure an audience film; we’ve been ending every screening here in Berlin with huge ovations, and the theaters are packed.”

The film next travels to SXSW before heading to Tampere, Finland.

Iron Sky marches to theaters in April 2012.
The world sales is handled by Stealth Media Group.