Japan’s Tokyo Broadcasting System Television (TBS) has done a slew of pre-sales on Tomorrow’s Joe, a live action feature based on a hit boxing manga from the 1960s and 70s.

The film was picked up by Wild Side Films for French-speaking territories, Neo Vision for Hong Kong and Macau, Long Shong International for Taiwan, J-Bics Films for Thailand, and Encore Films for Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia.

Tomorrow’s Joe is directed by Fumihiko Sori, whose credits include Ping Pong, Vexile and Ishi. The film stars popular actor and singer Tomohisa Yamashita as Joe, a young delinquent man who becomes a top boxer, and his nemesis is played by Yusuke Iseya.

The original manga was previously adapted into TV and theatrical animations.

The film opened in Japan yesterday (Feb 11), is set for a market premiere here in Berlin on Feb 13.