Jinga Films continues to close deals on the uber-controversial A Serbian Film.

Three pre-EFM deals have been closed with Scandinavia (Cinematic Vision), Benelux (Zeno) and Korea (Company L).

Srdjan Spasojevic’s thriller is about an aging porn star who gets drafted into making his most disturbing project yet.

The film’s much-discussed release in the UK is via Revolver, who did a short theatrical release in December, followed by a DVD launch in January. The DVD launch ran into issues when police seized copies after consumer complaints, only to find out that the DVD version was the BBFC-approved version with several cuts.  Police returned the DVDs.

“We have encountered a number of obstacles licensing this film to certain territories,” said Jinga’s Julian Richards. “But now we have a BBFC-rated version I think those obstacles have been removed.”

The film will next be launched theatrically in North American by Invincible Pictures in April.