Kino Lorber has signed an exclusive agreement to distribute selected titles from Adopt Films on home media and digital platforms.

The deal will begin with the DVD and Blu-Ray release of Christian Petzold’s Barbara and The Taviani Brothers’ Caesar Must Die.

Barbara premiered at last year’s New York Film Festival and is posed to cross $1m at the US box office, while Caesar Must Die won the Berlin Golden Bear in 2012.

Adopts Films will continue to release between eight and 12 titles per year, all of which are expected to open in select theatres nationwide.

The company was co-founded by industry veteran Tim Grady, president of Adopt, and arthouse pioneer Jeff Lipsky, who heads distribution.

“We’re thrilled to be working with Richard Lorber,” said Grady. “I’m a great admirer of the DVD and VOD platform that Richard and Don Krim have developed and honed at Kino Lorber and, of course, their direct-to-consumer cinephile catalogue is the best in the business.”

“We are honoured to have been ‘adopted’ by Tim and Jeff to handle their outstanding line-up of award winning festival darlings that have also scored impressive box office results — a rare achievement,” said Kino Lorber president and CEO Richard Lorber.