Little Fockers clinched the international crown in a hotly fought contest marred by extreme weather conditions across Europe as $27m narrowly beat Tron: Legacy and Voyage Of The Dawn Treader.

The order may well change when the studios issue final results on Monday [27], however as it stands the comedy rules the waves after PPI launched in 3,933 sites in 37 territories, a result that would have been higher were it not for the European storms.

The third Meet The Parents film opened top in the UK on $7.3m from 487 sites and launched in France on $3m from 484. Spain also yielded a number one result on $3.3m from 323.

Russia produced $3.8m from 556 while Germany generated $2m from 650. A December 26 debut in Australia produced $2m from 246 for a clear number one ranking for the day.

Elsewhere Little Fockers took $705,000 from 97 in the Netherlands, $656,000 from 91 in Austria and $45,00 from 23 in Singapore.

  • Megamind crossed $100m as $11.6m from 4,961 venues boosted the tally to $109m. France led the second weekend holds on $2m from 696 for $5.5m while the UK delivered $1.6m from 457 for $11.6m.

Shrek Forever After added $950,000 in the second weekend in Japan from 256 for $3.7m in that territory. PPI launched The King’s Speech in Australia on December 26 and reported a terrific $950,000 haul from 94 including previews.

  • Tron: Legacy added $26.6m through Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International from 5,475 screens for an early $65.5m overseas tally after two weekends.

The sci-fi action sequel arrived in eight new markets and took $7.8m in Russia from 682 and $3.3m from 624 in Mexico for first place. It added $2.7m from 515 in Japan for $11m and arrives in South Korea next weekend.

Tangled added $9.5m from 4,158 screens in 18 territories in its fifth weekend for $118m.

  • Fox International’s The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader added $25.5m from 8,360 screens in 66 markets for $168.6m. The film held well in second place in France on $4.4m from 739 for $16.8m after three weekends and grossed $2.9m from 402 in the second weekend in Italy for $5.6m. Germany stands at $5.6m after two and the UK has generated $12.3m after three weekends.

Fox International Productions’ collaboration with Showbox on the South Korean film Yellow Seareaped rewards as the film launched top in the local market on $7.9m from 625 screens.

Gulliver’s Travels partly made up for a dismal North American launch with a solid $12.4m gross from 15 markets.Highlights came from Mexico on $2.8m from 1,216 and Spain on $2.3m from 535, while $1.3m from 150 in Malaysia ensured the family adventure became the third biggest opening weekend ever for a Fox film behind Avatar and Voyage Of The Dawn Treader.

Rom-com Love And Other Drugs added $1.7m from 320 screens in four markets, punctuated by an outstanding opening in Taiwan that delivered $895,000 from 66.

  • Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 1 added a furrther $15.1m through Warner Bros Pictures International from approximately 8,000 screens in 62 territories to elevate the running toal to $587m. YogiBear grossed $1.2m from 800 screens in five territories.
  • GK Films’ mystery romance The Tourist grossed $8.5m through Sony Pictures Releasing International to boost the running total to $37.1m and $6.5m in Italy following a $2.9m second weekend, while the musical Burlesque grossed $1.9m for $6.8m and has grossed $3m in Japan after two weekends.
  • Bruc opened through Universal / UPI in Spain on $750,000 from 286 venues in sixth place. Robin Hood stands at $213.2m, Despicable Me $290m, Devil, $23.3m and Julia’s Eyes $9.5m in Spain and France, where it launched on $95,000 from 101.