Underlining its appetite for Scandinavian crime fare, Benelux distributor Lumiere has snapped up the rights to writer Camilla Läckberg’s bestselling The Fjållabacka Murders.

Swedish production company Tre Vänner is working in close partnership with Läckberg on the project, which will consist of 10 TV-episodes and 2 features. Tre Vänner, Nordisk Film and TrustNordisk are collaborating on the adaptation, which TrustNordisk is handling at the EFM.

The shooting of The Fjällbacka Murders starts on August 15th 2011. Academy-Award-nominee director Marcus Olsson will direct the first two TV-films. Michael Hjorth from Tre Vänner is executive producer and Helen Ahlsson from Tre Vänner is producer. Nordisk Film is co-producer and holds the Scandinavian distribution-rights. Swedish Television (SVT) and Film I Väst are also onboard as co-producers. TrustNordisk is starting the international sales drive here at the EFM.

Lumiere has already had huge success with such Scandinavian crime dramas as Wallander and The Millennium Trilogy.