This Is Not A Ball will premiere on June 13, one day after the World Cup kicks off in Brazil.

Videocine, an affiliate of Grupo Televisa, produced the 90-minute documentary and Vik Muniz and Juan Rendon directed.

This Is Not A Ball follows Brazilian artist and photographer Muniz as he explores the global passion for the game and creates a work of art made from 20,000 footballs.

The production took nine months and travelled across nine countries to reach locales as diverse as Rio de Janeiro, Mexico City, New York, Boston, Paris, Kyoto, Burma, Nuremberg and Sialkot in Pakistan.

Interview subjects range from inhabitants of Rio’s favelas to activists who use football for social change to the astrophysicist and broadcaster Neil De Grasse Tyson.

This Is Not A Ball is a groundbreaking story about the universal value of soccer and the true meaning of ‘the ball’ through the lens of a very talented production team and amazing partners such as Televisa,” said Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos (pictured).

“As we continue to deliver a wide range of content on Netflix for everyone in the household, we believe that this documentary will be highly viewed and valued by our members.”