Summit International’s New Moon held on to the overseas crown in what will almost certainly be its last weekend in charge ahead of the global launch of Avatar, adding an estimated $23.2m from 8,735 sites in 66 territories.

The international running total thus far stands at an exceptional $360.1m, which is almost as much as Twilight’s worldwide gross. Factoring in the $267.4m North American gross, New Moon’s global tally has reached $627.5m.

The vampire saga has grossed $41.5m in the UK, $34.9m in France, $30.4m in Germany, $30.3m in Australia, $28.4m in Spain, $22.6m in Brazil, $17.9m in Russia, $16.9m in Mexico, and $2.5m in Japan. China is yet to receive the film.

As IM Global awaited results for Paranormal Activity, Sony Pictures Releasing International’s smash 2012 ranked second overall after adding a further $20m from 8,540 in 77 markets, elevating the running total to a formidable $556m.

Highlights included: $2.1m in Japan from 609 for $30.7m after four weekends; $1.6m in South Korea from 266 for $32m after five; $1.5m in France from 526 for $42.1m after five; $1.5m in Germany from 637 for $35m after five; and $1.4m in Brazil from 532 for $21.6m after five. China remains the biggest territory for the film with an extraordinary $65.4m running total. The UK has generated $30.7m, Australia $16.9m, Spain $21.5m, and Mexico $17.9m. All results mentioned here except Japan are after five weekends.

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs added $2.2m from 1,190 in 30 for $72.1m and Zombieland grossed $2.2m from 717 in 31 for $17.7m. The Stepfather launched in Mexico and the UK on $100,000 from 151 screens and $65,000 from 92, respectively. Armored opened in Spain on $45,500 from 140.

  • Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International’s A Christmas Carol grossed $14.8m weekend result from 5,298 screens in 50 territories that raised the total to $146.8m.

Disney sources said the result makes A Christmas Carol the most popular Christmas release ever. The film stayed top in Italy for the second straight weekend on $3.7m from 466 sites for $13.3m and led the UK charts in its sixth weekend as $2.5m from 626 screens boosted the score to $26.4m. France and Russia produced $1.4m from 512 for $8.8m and $1m from 257 for $11.4m, respectively.

The Princess And The Frog, the number one release in North America this weekend, launched in ten day-and-date territories on a very promising $7m from 1,486 screens. Key drivers were: Germany on $2.8m for second place; Mexico on $1.5m from 425 and first place; and Venezuela on a mighty $700,000 from 58 for first place.

Up finally crossed $400m as a number one hold in the second weekend in Japan and a further $5.6m from 663 screens pushed the tally there to $16m and the international running total to $401.4m. This positions Up as the third biggest Pixar release and only the fifth title this calendar year to cross $400m overseas.

Old Dogs added $3.5m from 1,142 in six territories for $12.8m and according to WDSMPI ranked number one in Russia for the second straight weekend on $1.6m from 288 for $4.1m. The second weekend in Spain drew $1.1m from 318 for $3.6m and Mexico has generated $3m after three. G-Force added $1m from 810 in 14 territories for $165.6m.

  • Warner Bros Pictures International’s German title Zweiohrkuken added $6.9m from 905 screens to raise the tally to an excellent $19.1m.

Meanwhile Ninja Assassin grossed $3.1m from roughly 1,350 screens in 20 territories for an early $17.3m international running total.  It opened in Germany on $409,000 including previews from 156 screens. South Korea and Russia have generated $7.1m after three weekends and $1.2m after two, respectively.

Invictus opened in South Africa on a solid $192,000 from 73 screens nationwide, marking the largest opening for a Clint Eastwood in South Africa. 

  • Universal/UPI’s Public Enemies opened in fourth place in its final market of Japan on $850,000 from 325 sites. Overall $1.9m raised the international running total to $110.9m.

Couples Retreat added $1.8m from 770 in 36 for $45.7m, while The Invention Of Lying stands at $13m from six Universal markets and Inglourious Basterds has amassed $197.6m. A Serious Man stands at $5m from select Universal markets and Broken Embraces has reached $32m through all distributors and added $200,000 in Brazil from 70 venues for $707,000 after two weekends.

  • Fox International staff are only thinking of one thing these days, however before Avatar launches this week there was other business to report. Jennifer’s Bodyopened in Italy on $370,000 from 170 screens and has amassed $16.5m internationally. Fox International Production’s debut release Spanish Movie stayed to in its second weekend in Spain as $1.5m from 400 boosted the running total to $7m.

  • Paramount/PPI reported that in its third weekend in the UK Law Abiding Citizen added $1m from 361 sites for $7.8m. Meanwhile Celda 211 added $770,000 from 219 locations in Spain for an $11.2m tally.