At next week’s Cinema Expo in Amsterdam, Panavision will introduce the first 3D system compatible with all installed cinema screens (white or silver) and all projectors (film or digital).

“Our industry faces a challenge,” said Eric Rodli, senior VP, Panavision Inc. “With the unprecedented availability and popularity of 3D content, studios need more 3D screens available, while exhibitors need to use their screens more flexibly. This new 3D system offers a high-quality solution to address those issues.  It enables exhibitors to show 2D or 3D content on the same screens, and to convert back and forth easily, without making major new investments in new screens or projection equipment.”

The system uses special “filtration technology to comb the spectrum,” Panavision noted. Polarisation is not required.

The lens (for digital screens) and filters (for film screens) are part of the new Panavision offering, which also includes reusable glasses and a cleaning and sanitizing system.  System set-up, training and technical support are also provided.

Omega Optical has developed the filter technology.

The Panavision 3D system will be available globally this autumn.