Parallel Media, the producers on Sundance premiere High School, will self-distribute the film in US theatres this autumn.

The Beverly Hills-based company made its first foray into North American distribution recently with the low budget horror release Black Waters.

President Raymond J Markovich said the plan was to release High School on approximately 1,500 screens in at least 30 of the top markets and in 40 of the top college markets.

Adrien Brody, Sean Marquette, Matt Bush, Colin Hanks and Michael Chiklis star in John Stalberg Jr’s comedy about a high school student who tries to get his entire graduating class stoned when he faces a random drugs test.

Warren Zide, Markovich and Arcadiy Golubovich produced. Erik Linthorst, Stalberg Jr and Stephen Susco wrote the screenplay based on a story by Linthorst and Stalberg Jr.

Parallel Media also operates as a foreign sales company.