Paramount Pictures has crossed the $1bn domestic box office line ahead of the Hollywood pack on the back of the storming run by Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen.

Earlier this week Michael Bay’s mechanical mash-up became the second fastest release in history to reach $300m in North America after only 14 days and as of July 7 stood at $305.5m

J J Abrams’ acclaimed Star Trek reboot also played a large part in the studio’s achievement and has grossed $250.3m.

This is the third successive year that the studio has been the first past the post. It reached the milestone in record time last year, crossing $1bn on June 23.

“This year has been marked by two great events for our studio: the rebooting of the Star Trek franchise under J J Abrams and the immense performance of Michael Bay’s Transformers sequel,” Paramount chairman and CEO Brad Grey said. “These tentpoles performed wonderfully for us this year and we are excited for what they mean for our business in the years ahead.”