First Run Features has acquired US rights to Kimberly Reed’s (pictured) festival favourite documentary Prodigal Sons and plans a late February 2010 in New York followed by a nationwide rollout through March.

Reed, a transgender woman, trains the camera on herself as she attends her high school reunion in Montana where she hopes for reconciliation with her long-estranged adopted brother.

“After seeing Prodigal Sons connect with audiences so powerfully on the festival circuit, we became interested in helping Kim get her incredible story out to the masses,” First Run vice-president Marc Mauceri said.

“At first glance, the film appears to be an intimate and subjective story, but it quickly evolves into a universal tale of sibling rivalry and the strength of family ties.”

The Big Sky Film Productions project was also produced by John Keitel, with Robert Hawk and Gail Silva, CBC’s Diane Rotteau and Catherine Olsen, BBC Storyville executive producers Nick Fraser and Greg Sanderson, and Lynne Kirby serving as executive producers.