Redbox has scored a coup following a deal with Paramount Home Entertainment (PHE) that grants the ultra-cheap video rental service the right to rent titles on the same day as the studio’s sell-through launch.

PHE exercised its option following a ten-month analysis of the sell-through and rental markets. PHE worldwide president Dennis Maguire said Redbox day-and-date rental activity had “minimal impact” on DVD sales.

Redbox now has access to PHE DVD and Blu-ray titles to rent at its approximately 22,000 kiosk locations. The partners first signed a trial license agreement in August 2009, when Redbox agreed to give Paramount rental data.

“We look forward to supporting Paramount movie releases through joint marketing programmes,” Redbox president Mitch Lowe said. “This arrangement is a win, win and win – for consumers, Paramount and Redbox.”