Reliance MediaWorks has picked up US rights to New York-based Inimitable Pictures’ first US production Today’s Special.

Aasif Mandvi stars and co-wrote the screenplay with Jonathan Bines. Madhur Jaffrey also stars with Naseeruddin Shah, Jess Weixler, Harish Patel, Kevin Corrigan and Dean Winters.

David Kaplan directed the story of an ambitious sous chef who discovers his true passion for cooking after circumstances force him to take over the family’s ailing tandoori restaurant.

Reliance MediaWorks will release the film nationwide in the on October 8 after the company’s head of North America Uday Kumar negotiated the deal with Inimitable head Nimitt Mankad, who produced with Lillian LaSalle of Sweet 180

“No one understands the growing interest in South Asian themed content better [than Reliance MediaWorks],” Mankad said. “They have built an amazing team and infrastructure that totally surprised Hollywood this year with the release of 3 Idiots. We could not have found a more supportive home.”

“With our groundbreaking success of 3 Idiots and the enormous popularity of Indian food, we can reach a wide audience of movie fans, who are craving a great tandoori comedy,” Kumar said.

“The New York setting, along with Aasif Mandvi and Naseeruddin Shah’s performances, make this the perfect film for us to reach out into the world of English language features.”