Resident Evil: Afterlife reached $150.8m overseas as it brought in $24m through all distributors to hold Inception and Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps at bay.

The zombie horror grossed $16.1m for $127.7m through Sony Pictures Releasing International (SPRI) and was most productive in Japan, adding $2.8m from 652 in the third weekend for $38.3m.

South Korea generated $2.4m from 347 in the second weekend for $10.6m and Russia delivered $1.8m from 532 for $18.1m after three weekends.

The film continued to prosper in Mexico, Brazil, Spain and the UK, grossing $1.8m from 661 for $7.4m after two, $1.7m from 421 for $5.9m after two, $790,000 from 488 for $7.1m after three, and $575,000 from284 for $6.4m after three, respectively.

A number three launch in Denmark produced $260,000 from 52 and took more than the entire lifetime of Resident Evil: Extinction.

In non-Sony results, the film opened in France on $3.4m and added $2.8m in the second weekend through Constantin in Germany.

SRPI’s Eat Pray Love enjoyed a terrific weekend as the drama opened well in four major markets and took $12.6m from 2,468 for an early $19.7m.

Highlights included a number two $2.9m launch in Germany on 500 and a number three debut in France on $1.9m from 305. Spain delivered a number one result on $1.9m from 337 while the UK ranked second on $1.8m from 300. Italy generated $1m from 320 in the second weekend for $3.4m.

  • Warner Bros Pictures International confirmed results on Monday [27] that show the sci-fi thriller Inception grossed a further $10.6m from 6,360 screens in 61 markets to raise the running total to $486.4m. The key driver was Italy, the final market to receive the film, which returned a clear number one on $3.7m from 612 screens.

The Town grossed $4.5m from 913 screens in six markets for an early $7.2m tally. France delivered $1.6m in the second weekend from 299 screens for $4.1m. The crime drama opened in the UK on $1.6m from 319 sites and arrived in Germany on $752,000 from 186 including previews.

Cats And Dogs 2 added $2.7m from 2,105 screens in 55 markets for $64.7m. Legend Of The Guardians: The Owls Of Ga’Hoole opened day-and-date with North America in several smaller markets and grossed $1.2m from 377 screens in four markets, opening top in the Philippines on $479,000 from 148.

  • Fox International’s Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps opened in 41 markets –  two of them major – and grossed approximately $9.3m from 1,743 screens.

The highlights came from Australia, Sweden and Brazil as the crime drama brought in $1.7m from 283 for second place, $875,365 from 91 for number one, and $815,917 from 153, respectively. The film arrives in France, Russia and Mexico next week and the UK and Spain the following week.

Vampires Suck added $2.6m from 1,382 screens in 14 for $23.5m. A $1.4m haul in Italy from 325 raised the tally to $4.6m after two weekends, while $832,057 in Germany from 527 boosted the running total to $6.5m after three.

Fox International Productions’ Nosso Lar continued to make history in Brazil, crossing the three million admissions mark this weekend as a further $1.7m from 408 screens boosted the tally to $16.4m after four. The local language release has been top since it launched. In Mexico and Spain respectively, Hidalgo and Lope earned another $440,865 from 523 and $438,000 from 308 for $2.4m and $3.8m.

Avatar: Special Edition opened in Spain on $810,237 from 227 and Argentina on $157,973 from 51 as a further $1.5m overall from 627 screens in 15 markets elevated Avatar’s international tally to $2.016bn. Diary Of A Wimpy Kid opened in Australia on $1.2m from 213 and the weekend haul of $1.6m from 715 screens in four territoires raised the international tally to $6.1m.

  • Universal/UPI’s animation Despicable Me grossed $6.4m from 1,314 sites in 30 territories for $98.5m with 28 territories still to open. South Korea is the weekend’s leading holdover on an outstanding $3.5m from 230 for $6.6m after 11 days. The film stayed top in Australia in its third weekend as $2.1m from 265 boosted the tally to $10.6m with two more weeks of school holidays to come.

MRC’s horror tale Devil added $2.8m from 900 in 12 territories for an early $6.5m running total. Opening in six new markets, Devil grossed $870,000 in Russia from 269 and $326,000 in Hong Kong from 31 venues. The film added $870,000 in the UK from 338 for $2.9m after ten days.

The American has grossed $4.3m from Universal territories in the early stages and ranks second in Spain on $2.8m. Charlie St Cloud stands at an early $1.9m.

  • Paramount/PPI’s The Last Airbender grossed $6.2m from 2,953 in 60 for an excellent $168m running total. The fantasy adventure opened in second place in Italy on $2.7m from 295 and opened top in New Zealand on $403,000 from 78. The second weekend in Australia contributed $1.4m from 338 sites for $5.1m.

DreamWorks’ comedy remake Dinner For Schmucks grossed $1.1m from 612 locations in 13 territories for $6.2m and opened in Germany on $500,000 from 271. Shrek Forever After grossed $1m from 1,086 in 61 for $492.7m and will cross $500m after it launches in the final market of Japan in December.

After only four weekends of release in Australia and New Zealand, Tomorrow When The War Began crossed $10m with a weekend haul of $850,000 from 288 locations. The Australian action film has grossed $10.5m overall. Australia contributed $785,000 of the weekend total from 236 locations for $9.6m.

  • Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International’s (WDSMPI) TheSorcerer’s Apprentice grossed $4.3m from 3,375 theatres in 53 territories for $143.8m.

The key result was a $1.7m hold in China from 800 screens that raised the tally there to $8.4m, while a further $800,000 in Spain from 353 resulted in a $6.9m running total. Russia stands at $13.5m, France $12.6m, Japan $11.4m, Mexico $9.8m and Italy $9.3m.

Toy Story 3 added $2.7m from 2,651 locations for $639.7m and ranks as the tenth biggest international release in history. The global tally stands at $1.05bn which means Toy Story 3 is the biggest global release of the year-to-date and the biggest international release for an animation film.

Toy Story 3 ranks as the fifth biggest worldwide release of all time behind Avataron $$2.766bn, Titanic on $1.843bn, The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King on $1.119bn and Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest on $1.066bn.

The rom-com You Again opened day-and-date with North American in Russia and grossed $1.3m from 355 screens in second place.

Step Up 3D stands at $105.1m through all distributors and has grossed $1.6m in Spain through WDSMPI, which will release throughout Latin America.