Toy Story 3 has become the highest worldwide grossing animated film of all time on $920m.

Disney/Pixar’s release has reached $518m overseas and this weekend is expected to become the second Disney film after Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest. It has amassed $398.6m to date.

The film became the 11th Pixar release to open top in North America when it launched on June 18 and set a Pixar record of $109m.

Of the $518m international tally, Latin American audiences have contributed $138m, making Toy Story 3 the highest grossing Disney film in the region.

It has ranked number one in the UK for four consecutive weeks and is the most successful release in company history on $90m and counting. Another key driver is Japan, where ticket sales stand at $84m after five weekends in a row at number one.

“The success of Toy Story is due to the tremendously creative and innovative team at Pixar, led by John Lasseter and Ed Catmull, and our incredible marketing and distribution teams around the world,” The Walt Disney Studios chairman Rich Ross said.