CEO Nick Meyer has hailed the company’s most successful sales trip to Berlin as the team licensed multiple territories to Sony for genre title Wer and closed deals on Heat, Everly and Sundance hit Celeste And Jesse Forever.

Brian De Palma will direct Jason Statham in action thriller Heat, which has sold to: Germany (Universum), Latin America (Sun Distribution), Scandinavia (Nordisk), CIS & Baltics (West Video), Eastern Europe (SPI), Middle East (Eagle), Portugal (Lusomundo), Singapore (Cathay-Keris), Taiwan (SSG), Turkey (Media Max), Israel (United King), Thailand (Sahamongkol) and India (Tanweer).

Everly, which will see Kate Hudson venture into new territory as an action lead, has gone to: the UK and Canada (Alliance), Germany, Switzerland, Benelux (Splendid), Australia (Transmission), Latin America (Swen), Scandinavia (Mis.Label), CIS & Baltics (Top Film), South Korea (Korea Screen), Eastern Europe (SPI), Middle East (Eagle), Portugal (Lusomundo), Singapore (Cathay-Keris), Taiwan (SSG), Turkey (Calinos), Israel (United King), Thailand (Sahamongkol), Philippines (Pioneer) and India (Tanweer).

Rights to Wer, the new genre project from the makers of The Devil Inside, have gone to: the UK and Canada (eOne), Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Scandinavia, Latin America, Eastern Europe (Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions), Germany and Switzerland (Ascot Elite), CIS (Top Film), Greece, Turkey and the Middle East (Italia), Portugal (Lusomundo), Singapore (Cathay-Keris), Taiwan (SSG), Israel (United King) and India (Tanweer).

Sierra / Affinity licensed Celeste And Jesse Forever starring Rashida Jones, Andy Samberg, Elijah Wood, and Emma Roberts to: Germany (DCM), Middle East (Eagle), Portugal (Lusomundo), Singapore (Cathay-Keris), Hong Kong (Golden Scene), Taiwan (Blockbuster), Turkey (Calinos), Israel (United King), Philippines (Pioneer) and India (Tanweer).

“This year’s EFM proved a strong market for Sierra / Affinity as well as the industry as a whole,” Meyer. said “Buyers have raised their level of expectations on the quality and types of films they want and we, as well as other sales entities, were fortunate to bring productions with the quality talent that allowed us to meet those expectations.

“Sierra’s slate going into EFM was one of our biggest to date and now that we have had a chance to formally regroup post-market we are pleased to announce our partners on our films.”