Slamdance has announced a worldwide video content collaboration with Microsoft on both Zune and Xbox platforms.

The initiative will launch during the festival on January 27 with a four-film, seven-day programme providing video rental throughout North America.

The films are the documentaries American Jihadist and Mind Of The Demon: The Larry Linkogle Story, as well as the fictional titles The Scenesters and The Wild Hunt.

Online film store Zune Marketplace will make the selected films available on VOD across North America on both Zune and Xbox platforms.

During the seven-day period customers will have the opportunity to rent some of the same films being screened at Slamdance on their computers or through Xbox LIVE. Film rental costs during the festival will range from 600 to 880 Microsoft Points.

After the initial window, video content from Slamdance will expand worldwide through the Zune Marketplace with year-round programmes featuring download-to-own and rental videos to Zune and Xbox LIVE members.

Additional Slamdance films will be added to the programme throughout the festival, which runs in Park City from January 21-28 –