Rose McGowan will star in the Jeepers Creepers director’s new nightmare which Voltage is financing and introducing to EFM buyers this week.

The story follows a talk show psychiatrist who moves back to her childhood home following the death of her father, only to engage in a game of cat-and-mouse with a sinister paperboy who targeted her father. McGowan’s credits include PlanetTerror and Fifty Dead Men Walking.

Rosewood Lane has been a pet project of mine for years now and what I have always regarded as one of my most terrifying stories,” Salva said. “To see it finally come to life is wonderful.”

Phillip B Goldfine and Don Fauntleroy are producing and Bryan Sexton and Benjamin F Sacks serve as executive producers through their Hollywood Media Bridge label. 

“Rose fully embodies the lead character and with her strong cult following I can see audiences as they enjoy watching the horrific experiences her character goes through,” Goldfine said.

Voltage head Nicolas Chartier and Nadine de Barros will represent the project in Berlin.