Vimeo CEO Kerry Trainor said the platform will offer $10,000 advances for a 30-day exclusive digital window on world premieres at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Participating filmmakers will set their own price point for the Vimeo On Demand offerings and choose the territorial footprint of the release.

They will be asked to abide by Vimeo’s exclusivity demand for 30 days or until Vimeo recoups the $10,000 advance, whichever comes first.

After recoupment the platform will split revenues 90/10 in favour of the filmmaker once transaction costs have been deducted.

Trainor (pictured) told Screen International that filmmakers are at liberty to sign deals with other distributors that can come into effect once the exclusivity window has expired.

Vimeo will also obtain the right to keep the film on its catalogue of 2,000-plus titles for two years.

“We’re very eager to see what the response will be,” said Trainor. “The festival community has historically been a core part of the Vimeo audience.”

Vimeo On Demand titles are platform-agnostic however the film must be purchased on the official website.

“Premiering your film at the Toronto International Film Festival now comes with the additional benefit of Vimeo’s distribution offer,” said TIFF artistic director Cameron Bailey. “For any independent filmmaker trying to connect with an audience – and who isn’t? – this is a terrific new opportunity.”