Clash Of The Titans held on to pole position at the box office and grossed $55.3m at the weekend as Warner Bros Pictures International (WBPI) confirmed results were almost $2m higher than initial weekend estimates.

Active on more than 10,400 screens in 57 territories, Warner Bros Pictures International’s epic remake tore through Latin America and collected $12.7m from the region, led by a magnificent $7.1m number one debut in Mexico on 1,343 screens.

This produced Warner Bros’ second biggest debut behind Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince and the industry’s tenth biggest debut. Clash launched in Italy on $4.3m from 603.

In second weekend holdovers, Clash added $5.2m in Russia from 923 for $20m; $3.6m in France from 640 for $12.7m; and $2.7m in Germany from 672 for $10.2m. The UK has generated $24.6m, South Korea $14.6m, Spain $14.5m and Australia $14.9m, all after three.

The Blind Side added $2.7m from more than 1,700 screens in 25 markets for $42.6m. It opened in South Korea on $557,000 from 117 screens nationwde.

  • Driven by mighty debuts in Japan and Spain, Alice In Wonderland grossed $34m through Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International to pass $500m. In its seventh weekend Alice screened in 7,134 theatres in 53 territories and has reached $503.5m.

It is the 21st film to cross the half-billion mark overseas and should have no trouble eventually overtaking Finding Nemo in 19th place on $528.2m. Globally Alice stands at $827.5m as the 22nd biggest release and is now Disney’s fourth biggest film behind Pirates Of The Caribbean 2on $1.066bn, Pirates Of The Caribbean 3 on $961m, and Finding Nemo on $868m.

Alice took $14m (¥1.3bn) in Japan on 654 screens for not only the biggest ever 3D launch, but the second biggest non-sequel opening behind Harry Potter 1 and Disney’s second biggest ever weekend in the territory behind Pirates Of The Caribbean 3 on ¥1.5bn.

Spain generated $10.1m (€7.5m) from 349 for the second biggest non-sequel debut behind The Da Vinci Code on €8.8m and Disney’s third biggest launch behind Pirates Of The Caribbean 3 on €8.9m and Pirates Of The Caribbean 2 on €8.7m.

  • DreamWorks Animation’s How to Train Your Dragon grossed a further $15.5m through PPI from 6,582 sites in 58 territories to reach $176.5m after four weekends. PPI executives said approximately 65% of the overall gross came from 3D screens. The film returned to the top of the charts in North America, where it has amassed $158.6m. The worldwide figure is $335.1m.

Despite unseasonably warm temperatures in the UK the film grossed $2.1m from 683 sites following a mere 3% box office drop for $20m. In France a further $2.5m from 784 brought the tally to $13.9m, while In Australia Dragon held on to the number one spot on an excellent $1.9m from 346 for $16.1m.

Dear John opened top in the UK through PPI on $3.2m from 403 locations, including $1.1m in previews.

Shutter Island grossed $4.5m for an excellent $154m international running total through all distributors. The 50 territories where Paramount is distributing the mystery contributed $4.1m from 1,982 sites over the weekend for $112m. The second weekend in Japan produced $2.2m over two days for $9m.

  • Confirmed results reveal that Date Night added $7.9m from 2,797 screens through Fox International in 41 markets to raise the early tally to $17.7m. The action comedy launched in Russia on $1.4m from 442 and opened in second place in Germany on $1.1m from 554. In second weeeknd holds, Date Night generated a terrific $1.6m in Australia from 303 for $4.6m following an 18% box office drop, and grossed $715,223 in Brazil from 176 for $2.1m. The Mexcian tally is $1.7m.

Avatar added $1.2m from 731 in 26 markets, raising the extraordinary running total to $1.972bn.

  • Sony Pictures Releasing International’s The Bounty Hunter continued its solid run as a further $7m from 2,760 screens in 51 markets resulted in a $51.5m running total. The action comedy opened in France on $1.2m from 299, and debuted in Brazil in third place on $900,000 from 136. The film has amassed $9.1m in the UK and $7.5m in Germany.

The Book Of Eli opened well in Australia on $1.2m from 190 and stands at $24.1m through Sony markets. Brazilian success story Chico Xavier stayed top in its native land for the third straight weekend on $1.8m from 327 for $10.6m. The drama Cemetery Junction, written by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, opened in eighth place in the UK on $1m from 342 screens.

  • Universal/UPI reported that Nanny Mc Phee And The Big Bang grossed a further $5.7m from 2,525 sites in 13 territories for a highly promising $44.6m from the early stages. France, through Studio Canal, grossed an estimated $1.6m from 459 for $4.1m after 19 days.

There was a strong hold in the fourth weekend in the UK where $1.4m from 493 raised the tally to $22.1m and left Nanny McPhee in a close contest for third place with How To Train Your Dragon. Australia added $970,000 from 233 for $6.7m after 18 days. Russia comes next weekend and the rest of international will roll out between now and the summer. 

Green Zone added $4.6m from 1,900 in 31 territories for $43.6m, including non-Universal territories. The thriller opened well in France on $2.4m from 450, and added $800,000 in Italy from 260 for $2.5m after two weekends. South Korea has generated $4m. There are 16 territories to open including Mexico next weekend.

Kick-Ass, which opened in second place in North America through Lionsgate this weekend, grossed $2.6m from 675 dates in four Universal territories to raise the total to $17.4m.

The film added $1.4m in the UK from 418 for $13.8m after 17 days, $1m in Australia from 198 for $3.3m after 11 days, and $90,000 in New Zealand from 35 for $230,000 after 11 days. Universal launches Kick-Ass in Germany, Austria and French-Switzerland next weekend.

Lionsgate pre-sold the bulk of the film’s international rights and reported a $3.4m weekend from 900 screens in more than a dozen territories. The film opened top in Taiwan and has amassed $4.3m through Lionsgate territories.

The Universal-Quad co-production Heartbreaker (L’Arnacoeur) held strong in sixth place in France in its fifth weekend as $1.8m from 425 venues raised the total to $21.5m. It’s Complicated stands at $109m and has grossed $5.2m from Japan.

  • Summit International’s The Ghost Writer added $3.1m from 1,411 screens in 16 territories and Remember Me grossed $2.6m from 1,673 in 29.