European digital cinema deployment company Ymagis announced that it has now signed non-exclusive agreements with the majority of Spanish distributors.

These companies will now contribute financially for a set time to the cost of digitising Spanish cinemas (ie the VPF, or virtual print fee, model).

The deals are with 16 companies: Absolut, Avalon, A Contracorriente, Alta Classics, Barton Films, Deaplaneta, Festival Films, Filmax, Golem, Karma Films, Savor, Tripictures, Vertice Cine, Vertigo, Wanda and Yedra Films.

Ymagis already has deals with the six Hollywood studios and Spain’s Baditri Films and Olwyn Films. The VPF agreements now cover 99% of film prints released in Spain.

Manel Carreras, YMAGIS General Manager for Spain and its Sales and Business Development Vice President said: “We welcome the Spanish Distributors’ decision to join our effort, as it will allow audiences to benefit from consistent quality throughout the release. These agreements are a critical step in the transition from 35mm to Digital Cinema. The market is now about to switch from 35mm to digital at a rapid pace.”