Paramount Pictures scored a double whammy at the top of the charts as DreamWorks' psychological thriller Disturbia opened top on an estimated $23m and the Will Ferrell comedy Blades Of Glory fell one place to number two on $14.1m for $90.2m after three weekends.

Disturbia which echoes Rear Window with its tale of a grounded teenager (Shia LaBeouf) who becomes convinced that his neighbour is a serial killer, was by far the best performer among a slew of new titles.

As Buena Vista's Meet The Robinsons anchored third place on $12.1m for $72m after three weekends, Sony's new thriller Perfect Stranger with Bruce Willis and Halle Berry had to settle for fourth on $11.5m.

Fox's Viking adventure Pathfinder opened in sixth place on $4.8m, and the next best result from a new release was the drag racing action title Redline through Chicago Releasing in 11th place on a whisker over $4m.

Warner Bros' 300 crossed $200m in its sixth weekend and fell three places to ninth as $4.3m elevated the tally to $200.8m. Buena Vista's comedy Wild Hogs held firm in seventh place in its seventh weekend and crossed $150m after adding $4.6m for $152.2m.

The Weinstein Company's double-bill experiment Grindhouse plummeted six to 10th in the second weekend and added $4.2m for a paltry $19.7m.

First Look's animated title Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film For Theaters opened in 13th place on just over $3m, while Lionsgate's crime mystery Slow Burn with Ray Liotta and LL Cool J flopped in 19th place on approximately $800,000. Paramount Vantage's comedy Year Of The Dog with Molly Shannon and Peter Sarsgaard opened in limited release in 24th place on $112,000.

Next weekend's wide releases are: Focus Features' UK comedy Hot Fuzz with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost; New Line's thriller Fracture starring Anthony Hopkins and Ryan Gosling; Screen Gems' thriller Vacancy starring Luke Wilson and Kate Beckinsale; and Warner Independent Pictures' drama In The Land Of Women with Adam Brody, Kristen Stewart and Meg Ryan.

Estimated Top 10 North America Apr 13-15, 2007
Film (Distributor)/International distribution/Estimated weekend gross/Estimated total to date
1 (-) Disturbia (Paramount) PPI $23m -
2 (1) Blades Of Glory (Paramount) PPI/UPI $14.1m $90.2m
3 (2) Meet The Robinsons (Buena Vista) BVI $12.1m $72m
4 (-) Perfect Stranger (Sony) SPRI $11.5m --
5 (3) Are We Done Yet' (Sony) SPRI $9.2m $33m
6 (-) Pathfinder (Fox) Fox Int'l $4.8m -
7 (7) Wild Hogs (Buena Vista) BVI $4.6m $152.2m
8 (5) The Reaping (Warner Bros) WBPI $4.6m $19.8m
9 (6) 300 (Warner Bros) WBPI $4.3m $200.8m
10 (4) Grindhouse (Dimension) TWC $4.2m $19.7m