The Sum of All Fears held on to top spot over the weekend with an estimated $18.7m gross that sees the Paramount thriller sitting pretty on a ten-day total of $61.8m. The new Warner Brothers comedy-drama Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood took second place on $16.4m, while those noble warriors Star Wars and Spider-Man started to show their age as they fell to third and fifth places respectively. The only other top ten opener, the buddy thriller Bad Company, finished fourth for Disney on $10.5m in a weekend when the overall gross for the top 12 movies bounced back from last weekend's slump and scored $101.7m, up 8% on the same weekend last year.

On its second weekend on release The Sum Of All Fears continued to wow audiences and average $5,811 from 3,218 sites. Paramount chiefs expect the Ben Affleck-starrer, the latest in a line of Tom Clancy adaptations featuring the character of Jack Ryan, to pass the magical $100m mark. Divine Secrets did some good work over three days, opening to fairly good reviews and averaging a respectable $6,521 from 2,507 venues. The film, produced by Gaylord Films, is based on a novel by Rebecca Wells about a Louisiana circle of friends who rally to settle a mother-daughter rift. The picture boasts a strong cast including Sandra Bullock, Ashley Judd, Maggie Smith, Ellen Burstyn and James Garner.

Bad Company may well prove to be just that for Disney following a lacklustre opening in which it took an average of $3,566 from 2,944 sites. As in The Sum Of All Fears, the plot centres on rogue nuclear weaponry and unscrupulous dealers as Anthony Hopkins's CIA veteran trains up the twin brother of a dead agent (Chris Rock), on whom the hopes of the world apparently hinge. The age-old buddy formula and a slew of dire reviews conspired to give Bad Company its so-so bow.

And so to the two cinematic titans of the year so far. According to studio estimates to be confirmed tomorrow, Columbia's Spider-Man has easily become the fifth highest grossing movie of all time in the US. The cumulative total of $370.1m means Sam Raimi's marvel has overtaken Jurassic Park in the all-time league table but will have to go some get to the next position - held by Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace with $431.1m. In his sixth weekend on release Spidey grossed $10m, averaging $3,091 from 3,235 sites.

Episode II - Attack of the Clones, meanwhile, took $13.9m, an average of $4,391 from 3,161 sites in its fourth week. George Lucas' picture is expected to take $300m but trails its predecessor, Episode I - The Phantom Menace, which was hyperspacing towards $300m within the same timeframe three years ago.

Elsewhere Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron slipped one place to five with $9.4m for DreamWorks and has now amassed $55.8m after just three weeks on release. The Warner Brothers thriller Insomnia, which recorded a career-high opening for Al Pacino three weeks ago, dropped two to eighth on $5.9m and has a to-date gross of $51.8m. Universal's About a Boy, which stars Hugh Grant and Rachel Weisz, fell two to tenth on $2.7m and has taken a total of $32.5m after four weeks on release.

Next week will see Matt Damon attempt to steal pole position from his pal Affleck with Universal's remake of The Bourne Identity. Damon plays an amnesiac with deadly skills who sets out to learn about his past. Nicolas Cage also returns in John Woo's wartime epic Windtalkers for MGM. The story centres on the American military's use of Navajo Indian codes in the Pacific during the Second World War.


Film (Distributor)/International distribution/Estimated weekend gross/Estimated total to date

1 (1) The Sum Of All Fears (Paramount) UIP/Mutual $18.7m $61.8m

2 (-) Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood (Warner Brothers) Warner Brothers $16.4m --

3 (2) Star Wars: Episode II - Attack Of The Clones (20th Century Fox) Fox International $13.9m $254.9m

4 (-) Bad Company (Buena Vista) BVI $10.5m --

5 (3) Spider-Man (Columbia) Columbia TriStar $10m $370.1m

6 (5) Spirit: Stallion Of The Cimarron (DreamWorks SKG) UIP $9.4m $55.8m

7 (4) Undercover Brother (Universal) UIP $7.3m $23.6m

8 (6) Insomnia (Warner Bros) Summit Entertainment $5.9m $51.8m

9 (7) Enough (Columbia) Columbia TriStar $3.6m $33.6m

10 (8) About A Boy (Universal) UIP $2.7m $32.5m