Warner Bros Pictures International reported that Christopher Nolan’s Batman epic stayed top for the fourth consecutive weekend as the running total climbed to $445.3m. The worldwide tally stands at $835.4m.

The Dark Knight Rises added $3.3m in the UK for $72.2m after four weekends, $3m in France for $24.8m after three, $3m in Brazil for $19.6m after three and $2.8m in Germany for $26.3m after three.

The crime saga grossed $2.6m in Mexico for $26m after three, $2.5m in Australia – a highly rewarding market this summer for several distributors – for $37.7m after four and $1.8m in Japan for $17.2m after three.

WBPI said the film has grossed 28% more than its predecessor at the same stage with original exchange rates and 46% ahead at today’s exchange rates.

Meanwhile Will Ferrell comedy The Campaign opened in Australia day-and-date with the number two US launch and grossed $2.1m from 229 screens.

  • The global comedy smash Ted surged past $100m outside North America thanks to an estimated $20.3m haul from 2,850 theatres in 25 territories through Universal Pictures International.

The foul-mouthed bear is starting to show his international chops and through Sunday (12) stood at $113.2m. Weekend business featured six new launches led by a $2.3m number two debut in Spain in 304 sites for the best R-rated comedy launch in the market.

Elsewhere Ted opened in second place in Norway on $450,000 from 95 and Finland on $195,000 from 70 and arrived in first place in Israel on $251,000 from 23. Results from Bulgaria and Georgia are expected on Monday.

The UK led the holdovers and produced a $4.7m number one hold in 508 for $26.5m in the second weekend and it was a similar picture in Germany where $6m from 529 boosted the tally to $16.3m. Austria also produced a number one hold as $1m resulted in $3.6m after the second weekend.

Russia held firm in second place on $3.1m from 630 venues for $11.5m.  Australia ranks sixth in its sixth weekend on a $34.6m running total. There are 33 territories to open.

The Bourne Legacy opened day-and-date with the number one North American launch in 13 territories across Asia and Eastern Europe. The thriller grossed $7.8m form 694 theatres overall for the biggest launch in these territories for the four-film franchise.

The number one debut in the Philippines produced the leading score on an excellent $2.7m from 130 dates for Universal’s biggest opening weekend of all time. Strong results ensued in Singapore on $1.4m from 26 for number one and Taiwan on $1.2m from 67 for number two.

The thriller stars Jeremy Renner and arrives next week in the UK, Australia and Spain, among others.

Step Up Revolution added $5m from 989 sites in six Universal markets to boost the tally to $7.9m. Universal holds rights for the UK, Australia, New Zealand, France, Switzerland and Latin America. The dance film arrived in the UK, France and French-speaking Switzerland, grossing $2.4m in third place in France from 311 and $1.1m from 396 in the UK, where hot weather and the closing weekend of the Olympic Games will have provided a major distraction. It opened on $85,000 from 13 in French-speaking Switzerland. Australia added $1.3m from 196 for $3.7m after two weekends.

Laika Entertainment’s animation ParaNorman, which Universal is releasing internationally, brought in a further $1.3m from 523 Mexican theatres in the second weekend for $4.9m. Dr Seuss’s The Lorax stands at $121.5m and Snow White And The Huntsman has reached $236.8m, boosted by a number one Italian ranking for the fifth consecutive weekend that raised the tally there to $9.5m. American Pie: Reunion stands at $178m.

  • Total Recall expanded to 38 markets through Sony Pictures Releasing International and brought in a further $18.7m from 3,990 screens as the early running total climbed to $27.5m.

The sci-fi reboot opened top in Russia on $6m and ranked as the top Hollywood release in Japan on $3.5m. It opened in second palace in Mexico on $2m.

The Amazing Spider-Man grossed $3m from 80 markets and through Sunday stood at $435.1m.

  • Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International reported that Pixar’s Brave grossed $17.2m in its eighth weekend in release to reach a relatively early $147.1m with approximately one-third of the international footprint still to come. The film’s worldwide tally is $374.4m.

Brave opened in Spain on $3.7m and added $2.1m in France for $10.4m after two weekends and added $1.9m in Germany for $6.7m after the same amount of time. The leading territory thus far is Mexico on $17.6m followed by Australia and Russia on $16.9m apiece. It arrives in the UK this week.

  • Ice Age: Continental Drift grossed $16.2m through Fox International from 9,890 screens in 62 markets and stands at $623.6m. It has a real shot at overtaking Toy Story 3’s $649m final tally to become the second biggest animated release in history behind stablemate Ice Age 3: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs on $694m.

A solid third weekend in China produced $3.7m from 1,620 for second place and a $51.1m running total. The film added $2.3m from 1,093 in its sixth weekend in Germany for $56.9m, which as things stand is the biggest territory haul for Ice Age 4. Elsewhere it has generated $48.2m in France after seven, $46.6m in Russia after five, $45.1m in Mexico after seven, $44.4m in Brazil after seven, $41.1m in the UK after five, a dazzling $28.7m in Argentina after seven and $27.5m in Australia after seven.

Prometheus debuted in Germany on $5m from 651 screens and grossed $7.8m overall from 1,646 in five markets to propel the running total to $195.5m. The sci-fi action will cross $200m later this year and has upcoming debuts scheduled for China, Japan and Italy.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter added $3.5m from 1,678 screens in 20 markets for $41.7m. The adventure opened in France on $1.8m from 475 and Argentina on $281,000 from 92. Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: Dog Days stands at an early $6.2m from five markets and has grossed $5.8m in the UK after two weekends.

Fox’s Chilean hit Stefan Vs. Kramer added $1.6m from 99 screens to stay top and push the running total to $4.8m, making it Fox’s sixth biggest film after 11 days.

  • Paramount Pictures International reported that DreamWorks Animation’s Madagascar 3 grossed $10.1m from 2,695 cinemas in 40 countries to reach $336.4m. The second weekend in Japan delivered $2.4m from 303 for an $11 running total. Poland generated another impressive result as $1.9m from 131 in the second weekend boosted the score to $5.9m.

Sacha Baron Cohen comedy The Dictator has reached $109.3m while Katy Perry: Part Of Me stands at $6.4m.

  • Step Up Revolution brought in approximately $9.9m through Lionsgate licensees, raising the tally to $32.6m. The film opened in France on $2.4m in third place and debuted in third place in the UK on $1.1m. It opened top in Taiwan on $1.3m.