DNA Films boss Andrew Macdonald has given further details about the screenwriting plans for the next installments in the Dredd trilogy.

“Alex (Garland) has a very good idea for Dredd’s journey. I certainly think it would be an exciting thing to be done. We’ve nailed a style and we have found in Karl Urban an absolutely magic Judge Dredd,” Macdonald said. “It will be something that we will do again in partnership with IM Global. I am sure that, if it works, it’s something that all the distributors will want to do again.”

If there are further films, they are again likely to be shot in South Africa (where Mega City One was recreated in Cape Town Film Studios).

The idea is that in the next film, Dredd would venture out of Mega City into the “cursed earth,” the post-apocalyptic wasteland surrounding the city.

TIFF Midnight Madness premiere Dredd 3D (sold by IM Global) is released in the UK by Entertainment this week and in the US by Lionsgate on Sept 21.

If box-office figures are up to expectations, Macdonald and writer Alex Garland are set to keep the Dredd franchise rolling with further films.

Press reports have suggested that a $50 million box-office performance in the US may be enough to trigger the sequels.