HBO has signed JourneysWith George directorAlexandra Pelosi and her company Purple Monkey Productions to an exclusivetwo-year output deal, it was announced today (Jan 13). Pelosi will produce anddirect documentary specials for HBO that will focus on the American politicalprocess following her acclaimed production Journeys with George, which debuted on the network onElection Day 2002. The documentary was praised by critics for itsfly-on-the-wall coverage of George W Bush's presidential electioncampaign and its unprecedented access to the candidate.

'Alexandra is a live wire and will add newelectricity to our reality programming mix,' Sheila Nevins, executivevice president of original programming at HBO, said in a statement.

'I amthrilled that HBO has committed to creating a new style of campaigncoverage,' Pelosi said. 'They are the one network that has the gutsto take on the conventions of political journalism.' Pelosi is thedaughter of Representative Nancy Pelosi, House Minority leader. Prior to Journeyswith George she workedas a network news producer.