Only at the annual Fido awards would you see a Bond girl sitting next to a Jack Russell.

The Fidos – the Oscars of the doggie world – were a star studded, if slightly barking mad affair yesterday, with guests at the London ceremony including Hugh Hudson (who revealed that his classic Chariots Of Fire is to be re-released next year), actor Peter Egan and former Bond girl Maryam D’Abo.

Peter Egan and Toby Rose

The big winner of the night was Snowy from The Adventures Of Tintin, who was named Blockbuster Bowzer and Best In World, although some expressed their concern over the fact that a digitally animated dog won the top prize. A worrying sign for real dog actors everywhere?

Still, there was no danger of a digitally animated dog triumphing in the Historial Hound category, with the corgi from The King’s Speech taking the honour, whilst the Comedy Canine award went to the dog in The Guard, collected by one of the film’s producers Lizzie Eves, who was dressed as Brian the dog from Family Guy.

Brian from Family Guy

Eves admitted that it was with “mixed emotions” that she accepted the award as the dog in question had been something of a “little bitch” on set.

As one of the Fido judges I was given the honour of presenting the award for Mutt Moment, to the dog in Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes, who fought off stiff competition from the poor creature in Tyrannosaur who gets beaten to death within the first 2 minutes of the film (or was it the one who was beheaded at the end?). Both more than worthy Mutt Moments, but perhaps not for the purposes of the family friendly Fidos. Speaking via video link up Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes director Rupert Wyatt, called the win a “pivotal moment”.

“This year was extra special because of the connection to the dog that inspired The Fidos, Mutley. The French always called him Milou which is the French name for Snowy. So it was wonderbark that Snowy scooped Blockbuster Bowser and Best In World. Tributes don’t get better,” said Fidos organiser Toby Rose.

Meanwhile Peter Egan had a special reason for being there as he runs dog charity All Dogs Matter ( which rescues and re homes dogs in London and the surrounding areas.

To watch the ceremony click here